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Top Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) for Publishers for 2024

Supply-side platforms (SSPs) streamline the ad-selling process and ensure publishers get the most value from their ad inventory. From programmatic technology to simplified integration, reporting, and support, SSPs can significantly help publishers monetize their digital assets.

In this article, we’ve combined the 24 top SSPs for 2024 to save you time and help increase the value of your ad inventory! 

What are Supply-Side Platforms?

SSPs are advertising platforms publishers use to sell their ad inventory to advertisers across various ad exchanges. SSPs allow or reject advertisers’ bids on ad impressions and strive to sell the publisher’s ad inventory for the highest possible price. 

They play a crucial role in the advertising ecosystem by facilitating real-time bidding (RTB), allowing multiple advertisers to compete for ad impressions instantly.

SSPs use machine learning to optimize revenue, ensuring the highest-paying ads are selected. They also support header bidding, letting publishers simultaneously present their inventory to numerous demand sources.

Generally, supply-side platforms:

  • run a real-time auction and serve the ads;
  • evaluate advertisers;
  • set the bidding range;
  • connect publisher’s ad inventory to multiple DSPs.

How do they work – the operational framework of SSPs

An SSP lists a publisher’s available ad inventory to potential buyers, maximizing the chances of selling it at the best possible price. Through the SSP, publishers can set floor prices and specify which types of ads or advertisers are acceptable, maintaining the integrity of their site.

This allows publishers to sell their inventory in multiple ways (e.g., directly to ad networks, DSPs, or header bidding auctions).

The SSP facilitates auctions for the ad impressions, often in real-time, aligning with the DSPs on the buyers’ side. It ensures that the ad space is filled with content relevant to the publisher’s audience, optimizing both the user experience and revenue.

Here are the 5 main steps that showcase how SSPs work:

  1. The publisher chooses an SSP and gives access to their ad units.
  2. The SSP issues ad requests and deal IDs to various ad exchanges and DSPs whenever a user visits a publisher’s site.
  3. DSPs bid on the ad units as part of the auction process.
  4. The SSP then considers the publisher’s ad unit criteria and the media buyer’s audience requirements before matching the highest bid price.
  5. The ad server determines the winner, and the winning ad is displayed on the publisher’s site.

The Importance of SSPs for Publishers

Supply-side platforms are essential for publishers as they streamline the process of selling ad inventory, maximizing revenue potential. SSPs provide publishers access to various advertisers through programmatic auctions, ensuring that ad space is sold at the best possible price. 

Using SSPs allows publishers to gain greater control over their ad inventory, ensure brand safety, and comply with privacy regulations.

Access to multiple advertisers and networks

SSPs connect publishers to a wide range of ad buyers through various ad exchanges and demand-side platforms. This broad access increases the chances of selling ad inventory at competitive prices.

The large pool of potential buyers can lead to better pricing (yield) for the publisher’s inventory.

Less complexity, more automation

Dealing with multiple ad networks and exchanges can be complex. SSPs simplify this by managing these relationships in one platform, making it easier for publishers to handle their ad inventory.

Additionally, machines handle every transaction, which saves publishers time to focus on content creation.

Maximization of inventory value

A good SSP aims to make a publisher’s inventory available to a diverse range of buyers, helping to ensure that it sells for the highest possible price. This is crucial for publishers looking to maximize their ad revenue.

Granular reporting

SSPs provide detailed reporting and data analysis capabilities that enable publishers to understand which aspects of their inventory are performing well and which aren’t. 

Dynamic price floor setting

SSPs allow publishers to set minimum prices for their ad inventory, which helps maximize revenue by preventing the inventory from being sold for less than its worth.

Simplicity and transparency

Despite the inherent complexity of programmatic advertising, SSPs aim to provide a user-friendly and transparent platform. This ease of use and clarity is essential for publishers to manage and analyze their ad performance.

Brand safety

SSPs offer controls that allow publishers to restrict their inventory from being sold to certain buyers or through specific channels. This helps maintain brand safety by preventing association with unwanted or inappropriate ads.

Selecting the Right SSP for Your Needs

Selecting the right SSP for publishers means carefully evaluating their needs and goals. 

Publishers should consider factors such as the SSP’s integration capabilities with their existing technology stack, the quality and variety of demand sources the SSP can access, and the level of transparency and control over ad inventory and user data. 

Ultimately, the chosen SSP should align with the publisher’s traffic volume, content type, and overall monetization strategy, ensuring maximized revenue and a seamless user experience.

Inventory and format support

The SSP should be capable of handling the volume of traffic your site generates. Thus, if you have high traffic volumes, you need an SSP that can manage this without issues.

Additionally, look for an SSP with connections with premium advertisers willing to pay higher CPM rates. This is crucial for maximizing revenue.

Ensure the SSP supports the types of inventory you offer, whether web, mobile, video, etc. 

This compatibility is key to effectively monetizing your specific content. The SSP should also support various ad formats that you intend to use, like banners, native ads, interstitials, etc. This ensures a wide range of advertising options for potential buyers.

Demand partnerships

An SSP with strong relationships with a wide range of DSPs and ad networks can provide access to a larger pool of potential advertisers. This diversity can lead to better fill rates and higher CPMs. 

Additionally, partnerships with reputable and high-paying advertisers can significantly boost revenue.

Monetization and yield optimization

An effective SSP should offer advanced tools for monetization and yield optimization. This includes dynamic pricing strategies, real-time bidding capabilities, and sophisticated algorithms that help maximize the revenue from each ad impression. 

The ability to optimize yield in real-time based on market demand and user behavior is a key feature that can greatly enhance a publisher’s revenue.

Technology and integration

The SSP should integrate seamlessly with your existing ad server and any exchange partners you work with. This reduces technical challenges and streamlines operations.

Data and reporting

Data analytics and reporting capabilities are essential for understanding ad performance and audience insights. An SSP should provide detailed, real-time reporting and analytics tools that allow publishers to track key metrics such as CPMs, fill rates, and revenue per ad unit. 

This data is essential for making informed decisions about ad inventory and strategies.

User interface and usability

The user interface of the SSP should be intuitive and user-friendly. A complex interface can be a significant barrier, especially for publishers without extensive technical expertise. 

For example, easy navigation, clear dashboard layouts, and straightforward tools for managing and optimizing ad inventory are essential for efficient operation.

Control and customization

An SSP that allows you to set your own pricing floors and targeting rules gives you greater control over how your inventory is sold. The ability to adjust these settings in response to market performance and feedback is essential for optimizing revenue and ensuring the relevance of ads to your audience.

Compliance and security

Compliance with data protection regulations (like GDPR, CCPA) and security standards is non-negotiable. The chosen SSP must ensure that all ads comply with these regulations to protect the publisher and audience. 

Additionally, robust security measures should be in place to safeguard against data breaches and unauthorized access.

Anti-ad fraud and brand safety

The SSP should have strong mechanisms to combat ad fraud and ensure brand safety. This includes filtering out fraudulent traffic, identifying and blocking malicious ads, and ensuring that ads are contextually appropriate for the audience. 

Protecting your site’s integrity and your users’ safety is crucial for maintaining trust and reputation.

Customer support and service

Reliable and responsive customer service and technical support are crucial, especially when dealing with complex adtech issues. The SSP should offer reliable, accessible support, including technical assistance, troubleshooting, and strategic advice.

Good account management can help you optimize your setup and provide insights into improving your ad revenue. This can also greatly enhance the overall experience of using the SSP.

Costs and fees

Finally, understanding the cost structure and fees associated with the SSP is important. 

This includes any upfront costs, revenue sharing models, or transaction fees. A transparent and fair pricing model that aligns with the publisher’s revenue goals is essential. 

It’s important to balance the cost against the features and benefits provided by the SSP to ensure a good ROI

1. Setupad

Setupad is an analytics-driven monetization platform that empowers publishers to unlock their maximum ad revenue potential. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and an official Prebid member, Setupad stands out with its advanced ad technology stack. 

This includes a proprietary ad server, extensive server-to-server integrations, 31 premium demand partners, and sophisticated impression-level optimization between programmatic and direct sales.

Setupad uses header bidding technology and helps to implement programmatic solutions without the risk of losing revenues. The hybrid header bidding solution combines multiple SSPs, which increases competition and enables publishers to sell impressions at the highest possible price. 

Notably, Setupad is known for having one of the lightest header bidding codes in the market. 

Setupad key features & requirementsExplanation
Setupad Header Bidding WrapperA tag-based prebid.js monetization solution connecting publishers’ ad space with top demand partners, facilitating easy implementation and running a hybrid prebid.js auction.
Setupad Prebid Manage AccountEnables to upgrade your AdSense earnings with access to GAM and Google AdX, including optimized price floors and PMP campaigns.
Setupad Prebid AdSenseEnables to combine AdSense demand with Setupad’s Prebid demand from premium SSPs in real-time auctions, maximizing ad revenue.
Setupad PrebidCustomized prebid.js software optimizing direct campaigns with programmatic demand partners, connecting all ad space for increased ad revenue
Setupad Prebid Self-ServeA user-friendly platform to manage direct SSP connections and daily optimization tasks, giving publishers control over ad inventory monetization.
Setupad Consent Management Platform (CMP)Ensures compliance with user consent collection through a transparent CMP tool.
Setupad WordPress PluginDesigned to manage and optimize inventory effectively with features like flexible ad placements, device targeting, ads.txt management, lazy-load ad placements, tracking, ad alignment, related posts section, and revenue maximization.
Minimum traffic requirementsMust have significant traffic (100K+ visitors per month from Tier 1 countries)


Here are the 7 main benefits of using Setupad:

  1. Increased ad revenue. Through its sophisticated header bidding technology and programmatic solutions, Setupad significantly increases ad revenue for publishers. Publishers using Setupad can expect a significant increase in ad revenue, with a minimum guarantee of a 30% boost over Google AdSense earnings.

Note: Setupad offers publishers a free ad revenue calculator to provide precise revenue estimates. 

  1. Comprehensive support and service. Each publisher is assigned a dedicated Account Executive, ensuring personalized support and guidance, particularly beneficial for those new to programmatic advertising. Additionally, Setupad offers an audit of the website loading speed with suggestions for improvements.
  1. Tailored integration options. Setupad offers various integration solutions, including header bidding and Google AdX, catering to publishers of different sizes and preferences.
  1. Easy implementation. Setupad offers a tag-based prebid.js solution, making it easy for publishers to implement and manage.
  1. Customizable solutions. Setupad’s Prebid Manage Account and Prebid AdSense options allow customization according to the publisher’s needs, enhancing ad revenue potential.
  1. User-friendly self-service platform. The Prebid Self-Serve platform empowers publishers with direct control over SSP connections and daily optimization tasks.
  1. Compliance and continuous development. The CMP ensures compliance with user consent regulations, maintaining transparency and trust. Additionally, Setupad provides ongoing development and maintenance of header bidding wrapper technology, along with continuous optimization services.
  1. Premium partnerships. Setupad secured partnerships with 31 industry-leading SSPs to deliver publishers incremental yield. Because many large SSPs won’t approve a website under a certain number of monthly ad impressions, we at Setupad provide access to this demand to smaller publishers who can still qualify for our quality and traffic requirements. All SSPs in this list are also our partners. 

2. Criteo

Criteo is a significant player in the digital advertising sector, offering a versatile supply-side platform with a 6.32% market share in ad campaign management. 

It supports a wide range of ad formats, including standard IAB, sticky footer, native, rich media, and native API, catering to diverse publisher needs. The platform’s standout feature is its direct bidder, which directly connects publishers’ premium inventory with premium demand.

Criteo key features & requirementsExplanation
Diverse ad formatsSupports standard IAB, sticky footer, native ads, rich media ads, and native API.
Direct bidderFacilitates a direct connection between publishers’ inventory and premium advertisers.
Flexible integrationCompatible with standalone integration methods or existing header bidding wrappers like Prebid.
Minimum traffic requirementsDepends on the niche.


Here are the 6 main benefits of using Criteo:

  1. Commerce grid. A unique SSP built for efficiently connecting media and commerce with programmatic.
  1. User-friendly platform. Easy-to-use self-service options for ad campaign management.
  1. Transparent reporting. Offers flexible control and detailed insights into ad performance.
  1. Yield maximization. Allows publishers to configure server settings for optimal revenue from high-quality demand.
  1. Global advertiser network. Access to over 16,000 global advertisers for diverse and competitive ad bidding.
  1. Format versatility. Supports various ad formats for comprehensive ad management solutions.

3. Adform

Adform is a comprehensive adtech platform that integrates seamlessly with its DSP, enhancing efficiency for web and mobile publishers. It specializes in RTB and programmatic ad buying, offering a full-stack solution that can be integrated into existing ad servers, granting access to premium ad networks.

Adform key features & requirementsExplanation
Real-time bidding & programmatic buyingFocuses on maximizing revenue through real-time ad auctions.
Adform flowSimplifies the planning, buying, and activation of digital ads.
Seamless integrationEasily integrates with current ad servers, allowing access to a wide range of premium ad networks.
Minimum traffic requirementsNo minimum traffic is required.


Here are the 7 main benefits of using Adform:

  1. Full DMP integration. Enhances targeting and personalization of ads.
  1. Detailed reporting and analytics. Offers in-depth insights into ad performance and audience engagement.
  1. Multi-channel support. Compatible with various channels, including mobile and web apps.
  1. Rich media support. Includes a suite of free creative tools for engaging ad creation.
  1. Diverse ad formats. Supports different ad types, including dynamic and video ads.
  1. Performance insights. The dashboard integrates data from various digital marketing tools for comprehensive analytics.
  1. Content control. Publishers can choose who bids on their ad inventory, ensuring quality and relevance.

4. Index Exchange

Index Exchange (IX) is renowned as one of the leading SSPs, offering specialized services to publishers. It stands out for its ability to automate the ad review process, allowing publishers to specify industry, content, and creative types that align with their content. 

As an SSP, Index Exchange leverages programmatic advertising, enabling publishers to tailor ads to consumer preferences, delivering more meaningful and effective ads. 

Additionally, it offers server-side integrations for select publishers, enhancing user segmentation and audience targeting.

However, one notable shortcoming of this SSP is that it doesn’t support COPPA.

COPPA is a U.S. federal law that regulates the collection of personal information from children under 13 by online services, including websites, advertising, and mobile apps.

IX key features & requirementsExplanation
Programmatic advertisingTailors ads to consumer preferences for more impactful engagement.
Header bidding solutionsFacilitates selling ad space to multiple demand partners through an integrated wrapper.
Display and video monetizationProvides solutions for monetizing various ad formats effectively.
Direct sales and managed PMPsOffers options for direct ad sales and managed private marketplace deals.
Minimum traffic requirementsNo minimum traffic is required.


Here are the 7 main benefits of using Index Exchange:

  1. Cross-channel monetization. Enables monetization across different channels for maximized revenue.
  1. Addressability solutions. Offers tailored consumer experiences while maintaining safety and privacy.
  1. Yield maximization. Increases competition for inventory, potentially raising the value of ad spaces.
  1. Premium advertiser access. Connects publishers with premium advertisers to sell their high-value ad inventory at the highest possible CPMs.
  1. Prebid community product access. Provides access to various products and services from the Prebid community.
  1. Compliance with privacy regulations. The header bidding wrapper complies with GDPR, TCF1, TCF2, and CCPA, ensuring adherence to privacy standards.
  1. Multiple demand partner integration. Publishers can sell to several demand partners in real-time through its header bidding solutions.

5. stands out in digital advertising by combining an ad server and ad exchange, offering publishers a comprehensive suite of tools and analytics, including Data Studio and Google Analytics integration. 

As part of the Bing and Yahoo! network, provides publishers instant access to a vast marketplace of keyword-targeted advertisers. This platform accommodates publishers of all sizes and niches, offering a range of ad formats and deal types to suit various content types. key features & requirementsExplanation
Multiple ad formats and deal typesSupports various ad formats, catering to diverse publisher needs.
Instant access to Bing and Yahoo! networkConnects publishers to a large pool of advertisers for keyword-targeted campaigns.
Analytics toolsIntegrates with advanced tools like Data Studio and Google Analytics for in-depth performance tracking.
Minimum traffic requirements10,000 page views per month.


Here are the 7 main benefits of using

  1. Keyword-targeted advertising. Filters user intent through relevant search keywords, enhancing ad relevance and effectiveness.
  1. High-quality display ads. Provides easy access to premium display ads.
  1. Native ads optimization. Focuses on user experience with well-integrated native ads that blend with site content.
  1. Contextual ads. Displays ads that are relevant to the site’s content, like showing phone ads on smartphone-related blog pages.
  1. Mobile responsive ads. Offers ads that are optimized for mobile devices, automatically adjusting to different screen sizes.
  1. Large marketplace access. As the third-largest marketplace in adtech, it fosters competition and potentially increases ad revenue.
  1. Display to Search Ad Format. Utilizes display units to show search-type ads, blending display and search advertising strategies.

6. TripleLift

TripleLift focuses on creating a harmonious intersection between media and creativity. Their approach is designed to benefit all parties involved in the advertising ecosystem–advertisers, publishers, and consumers. 

A key aspect of TripleLift’s offering is its support for multiple ad formats, which allows publishers to integrate ads seamlessly with their site content, enhancing the overall user experience and content coherence.

Triplelift key features & requirementsExplanation
Diverse ad formatsSupports various ad formats (e.g. in-feed, in-article, and carousel for both display and video advertising).
Native advertisingFocuses on native ads that blend organically with site content, minimizing disruption and enhancing user experience.
Video monetizationOffers specialized options for video ads, integrating them within website video content.
CTV FeatureFeatures CTV advertising, allowing video ads on top networks and streaming services (currently limited to North America).
Minimum traffic requirementsNo minimum traffic is required.


Here are the 5 main benefits of using TripleLift:

  1. Video ad integration. Enables publishers to monetize video content effectively with integrated video ads.
  1. Enhanced user experience. Native ads are designed to fit organically within content, reducing intrusion and potentially increasing engagement.
  1. Format flexibility. The platform automatically selects the most suitable ad format based on the type of content published, offering flexibility and relevance.
  1. Diverse targeting options. Enhances ad performance through various targeting methods, aligning ads with audience interests and behaviors.
  1. Innovative CTV advertising. The CTV feature opens up opportunities for publishers to tap into the growing market of streaming services and top network advertising.

7. Magnite (formerly Rubicon)

Magnite, formed from the merger between Rubicon Project and Telaria in 2020, has established itself as one of the world’s largest independent SSPs. This platform is recognized for pioneering the automation of the buying and selling of ads, boasting one of the largest real-time cloud and big data computing systems. 

Magnite processes trillions of monthly transactions, offering publishers advanced capabilities like private marketplace (PMP), programmatic guaranteed (PG), and auction packages to enhance control over ad inventory sales.

Magnite key features & requirementsExplanation
Advanced technologyUtilizes a vast real-time cloud and Big Data computing system for efficient transaction processing.
Diverse monetization solutionsOffers Header Bidding Solutions, Mobile Application Monetization, Video Monetization Solutions, and Programmatic Direct Deals.
Control over ad salesProvides built-in PMP, PG, and auction package capabilities for increased sales control.
Minimum traffic requirements5+ million monthly page views.


Here are the 7 main benefits of using Magnite:

  1. Comprehensive campaign management. Includes tools for managing and optimizing ad campaigns.
  1. Detailed analytics and reporting. Offers robust analytics and reporting tools for performance insights.
  1. Diverse ad formats. Access to multiple ad formats for web publishers and mobile app developers.
  1. Cross-device video monetization. Provides solutions for video ads across TV, OTT, DOOH, and Programmatic TV.
  1. Private marketplace deals. Offers premium publishers private marketplace deals, preferred deals, and programmatic guaranteed campaigns.
  1. Header bidding technology. Features a header bidding wrapper built on open-source technology (Prebid) for web and mobile app integration.
  1. Enhanced yield management. Improved yield and ad management through various deal types and formats.

8. Sharethrough

Sharethrough is an omnichannel SSP that enables publishers and app developers to create a sustainable ad ecosystem. The platform is recognized for its real-time bidding technology, making it a go-to choice for top clients like Air Canada Vacations, Spark Foundry, 360i, Freestar, and Havas Media. 

Sharethrough key features & requirementsExplanation
Omnichannel capabilitiesSupports a wide range of channels, offering flexibility for publishers and app developers.
Real-Time bidding technologyEnsures efficient and effective ad placement and monetization.
Native advertising Specializes in native ads that align with the content, enhancing user experience.
Minimum traffic requirementsNo minimum traffic is required.


Here are the 3 main benefits of using Sharethrough:

  1. Seamless content integration. Offers native advertising solutions that blend ads with content, minimizing disruption to the user experience.
  1. Dynamic video captioning. Enhances video ad performance by automatically adding captions, making them more engaging and accessible.
  1. Ad format optimization. Provides templates to help optimize various ad formats on websites, ensuring effective ad presentation and performance.

9. PubMatic

​​PubMatic connects publishers to an extensive network of over 400 demand-side platforms, ad exchanges, and networks. Numerous reputable media owners trust it, and it offers various functionalities, including OpenWrap header bidding, OpenBid SDK for app developers, and robust analytics tools. 

Catering to independent publishers, PubMatic enables them to take control of and grow their digital businesses, offering a platform that combines an SSP and cloud infrastructure with advanced adtech solutions.

Pubmatic key features & requirementsExplanation
OpenWrap header biddingProvides advanced header bidding solutions for real-time ad monetization.
Mobile application monetizationSpecialized tools for app developers to monetize their applications effectively.
Programmatic direct dealsFacilitates direct deals for selling premium ad impressions at higher CPMs.
Analytics tools and dashboard:Offers a proprietary dashboard for monitoring ad performance and optimizing strategies.
Minimum traffic requirementsNo minimum traffic is required.


Here are the 7 main benefits of using PubMatic:

  1. Optimized access and monetization. Enhances access to demand sources and improves ad inventory monetization.
  1. Operational efficiency. Streamlines ad operations for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  1. SDK for mobile app monetization. The OpenBid SDK attracts more demand for mobile apps via server-side bidding.
  1. Real-time monetization with header bidding. Enables publishers to monetize their ad inventories in real-time with efficient header bidding solutions.
  1. Insightful analytics dashboard. Provides aggregated data insights for managing various demand sources and optimizing ad performance.
  1. Programmatic direct deals. Offers guaranteed and preferred deals, allowing publishers to sell ad impressions at higher rates.
  1. Partnerships for quality and security. Collaborates with The Media Trust and Confiant to ensure high-quality, policy-compliant ads.

10. OpenX

OpenX is a prominent SSP known for efficient inventory management, dynamic real-time bidding, and advanced data insights. It provides publishers access to premium advertisers through an ad exchange connected to 30,000 advertisers, employing technology like Demand Fusion for revenue optimization. 

OpenX’s capabilities in optimized ad placements, fast auctions, and data-driven strategies make it a top choice for publishers looking to maximize their ad revenue.

OpenX key features & requirementsExplanation
OpenX ad exchangeConnects publishers to a vast network of advertisers.
Mobile app monetization: Offers specialized solutions for app publishers.
Private marketplace deals:Features programmatic guaranteed and programmatic direct deals.
Video monetization:Includes various formats for monetizing video content.
Minimum traffic requirements10 million monthly page views


Here are the 8 main benefits of using OpenX:

  1. Precise inventory management. Allows efficient organization and optimization of ad inventory.
  1. Dynamic RTB. Facilitates lightning-fast auctions to maximize revenue potential.
  1. Advanced data insights. Provides comprehensive analytics for refined ad strategies.
  1. Robust video monetization. Supports in-stream and out-stream ads, connecting publishers to over 45 demand-side platforms.
  1. SDKs for app publishers. Facilitates seamless integration of programmatic advertising in apps.
  1. Header bidding solutions. Offers OpenX Bidder and adapters for third-party header bidding wrappers, eliminating the need for passback or waterfall methods.
  1. Programmatic direct deals. Ensures greater control over inventories with options like Programmatic Guaranteed, Private Auctions, and Preferred Deals.
  1. Brand safety and viewability. Partners with third-party viewability vendors to maximize ad viewability and ensure a better user experience.

11. Sovrn

Sovrn is a comprehensive SSP that integrates media sellers with advertisers globally, focusing on monetizing mobile apps and offering server-side header bidding, advanced analytics, and unique tools like ad block unblocker. 

The platform is designed for publishers seeking to enhance programmatic revenue and optimize ad monetization. 

Sovrn key features & requirementsExplanation
Header bidding solutionsOffers advanced solutions for real-time bidding and ad placement.
Mobile application monetizationSpecialized tools for monetizing mobile app content.
Email monetizationUnique solutions for monetizing email content.
Programmatic direct deals Facilitates direct deals for premium ad placements.
Adblock unblock toolA proprietary tool to manage the impact of ad blockers.
Minimum traffic requirementsNo minimum traffic is required.


Here are the 6 main benefits of using Sovrn:

  1. Simplified Workflow: Streamlines ad management and integration processes.
  1. Revenue Optimization: Unlocks additional revenue streams through diverse monetization tools.
  1. Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard: Offers detailed reporting on ad performance, including bid-level reporting and domain filtering.
  1. Ad Block Management: The Ad Block Unblock feature helps publishers understand and mitigate the impact of ad blocking.
  1. Versatile Monetization Tools: Provides tools for monetizing web content, emails, and mobile app data.
  1. Server-Side Header Bidding Integration: Supports server-to-server header bidding integration for complete control over ad inventories.

12. Teads 

Teads is renowned for specializing in out-stream video monetization and is recognized as a leading global video advertising marketplace. It offers unique opportunities for online publishers to create new video ad inventory, mainly through programmatic buying. 

Teads is particularly beneficial for publishers looking to incorporate out-stream ads in their video content, with a client roster that includes prominent names like BBC, Bloomberg, and CNN International.

Teads key features & requirementsExplanation
Teads StudioA tool for ad creation and personalization.
Video SSPSpecialized in video content monetization.
Programmatic Direct DealsOffers direct deals for efficient and profitable ad sales.
Minimum traffic requirements100,000 monthly page views


Here are the 7 main benefits of using Teads:

  1. Enhanced traffic monitoring and analytics. Provides real-time reporting and analytics for better ad performance tracking.
  1. Optimization tools. Offers troubleshooting and optimization tools to enhance ad efficiency.
  1. Effective monetization of video content. An open exchange platform allows effective selling of video ad impressions.
  1. Teads studio for personalization. Enables publishers to create and personalize ads, improving user experience across various devices.
  1. Access to premium demand partners. Facilitates opening up ad inventories to top demand partners before selling through open exchanges.
  1. Native and video advertising solutions. Offers native advertising that blends with a publisher’s organic content and versatile video advertising options for different devices.
  1. Comprehensive dashboard. A dashboard for analyzing advertising performance data from all demand partners.

13. RTB House

RTB House is a retargeting platform powered by deep learning, designed to meet the needs of advertisers and digital marketers. It specializes in personalized display advertising, leveraging advanced digital advertising technologies to analyze users’ online interactions and shopping behaviors. 

RTB House key features & requirementsExplanation
Brand safety tailored to policyEnsures ads align with brand guidelines.
Omni-channel integrationSeamless integration across various digital channels.
Dynamic product ads (DPA)Personalized ads based on user behavior.
In-apps and API supportExtends capabilities to in-app advertising and API integration.
Transparent reporting and 24/7 monitoringContinuous tracking and clear campaign performance reporting.
Customer segmentation and creatives:Enables targeted advertising with high-quality creative content.
Cross-device functionality and deep learning optimizationAdvanced targeting across devices and optimization using deep learning.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 5 main benefits of using RTB House:

  1. Scalability: RTB House can be scaled to meet diverse business needs and allows for rapid adjustments in digital campaigns.
  1. Custom Journey Scenarios: Enhances marketing funnels for more efficient retargeting strategies.
  1. Industry-Specific Segmentation: Delivers industry-relevant ads for higher relevance and engagement.
  1. Deep Learning Algorithm: Improves campaign efficiency by up to 50% compared to traditional machine learning methodologies.
  1. Real-Time Reporting: Offers comprehensive campaign analytics and ongoing monitoring for informed decision-making.

14. Adagio

Adagio is a platform that enhances publishers’ ad revenue by optimizing their existing demand sources and introducing new demand opportunities. It stands out for its transparent approach to connecting publishers with SSPs, aiming to boost ad yield and the overall value of inventory.

Adagio key features & requirementsExplanation
Optimization of SSP ConnectionsAdagio excels in refining the relationships between publishers and multiple SSPs, ensuring enhanced revenue and profitability.
Unified campaign managementOffers tools for unified management, operations, and analytics, allowing publishers to have comprehensive control over their ad campaigns.
AB testingFeatures like A/B Testing are integrated to improve understanding and control over ad performance and audience engagement.
Enhanced user experienceA significant focus is placed on improving the site visitors’ experience by minimizing issues like ad timeouts and other quality concerns.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 4 main benefits of using Adagio:

  1. Optimization of existing demand: Adagio helps publishers to maximize the potential of their current demand connections.
  1. New demand opportunities: The platform facilitates the discovery and integration of new demand sources, broadening revenue streams.
  1. Precise campaign control: Publishers gain granular control over their ad campaigns thanks to comprehensive management and analytic tools.
  1. Improved ad quality and performance: By minimizing ad-related issues like timeouts, Adagio ensures a smoother experience for site visitors, leading to better engagement and potentially higher ad effectiveness.

15. Next Millenium

Next Millennium is a forward-thinking programmatic ad network that maximizes revenue and performance for publishers and advertisers. Based in New York and New Jersey, the company leverages a strong team of software engineers and developers to navigate the complexities of adtech. This expertise is crucial in the constantly shifting digital advertising landscape, making Next Millennium a robust partner for managing ad inventory.

Next Millenium key features & requirementsExplanation
For website publishersThe company focuses on tripling ad revenue by selling ad inventory to global brands, offering real-time metrics, transparent reporting, and unique demand services.
For app publishersThey aim to maximize ad revenue without advertising competitor apps, maintaining integrity and maximizing yield with verified traffic.
White-labeled wrapper for large publishers For publishers with significant traffic (over 10 million monthly page views), Next Millennium offers a white-labeled wrapper service, including a suite of revenue and UX optimization features
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 4 main benefits of using Next Millennium:

  1. Diverse revenue streams. By targeting both website and app publishers, Next Millennium offers varied avenues for monetization.
  1. Direct brand relationships. Their direct connections with global brands ensure premium ad placements and potentially higher CPMs.
  1. Advanced technology. The use of a white-label wrapper for large publishers allows for better control over ad inventory and user experience without the common revenue share burden.
  1. Customized ad solutions. With high-impact ad units and a focus on viewability, publishers can expect ads that are not only effective but also tailored to their specific audience and platform needs.

16. 152 Media

152 Media is an adtech agency dedicated to offering publishers innovative products and solutions. Central to their approach is the use of Prebid technology. With a commitment to hard work and dedication, 152 Media focuses on building long-term partnerships, viewing clients as strategic allies, and aligning closely with their objectives. Their credentials include nine years in the market, over 600 publishers relying on their expertise, and recognition as a Certified Prebid.js Partner.

152 Media key features & requirementsExplanation
Full stack header biddingWith a simple line of code, publishers can connect their inventory to multiple premium demand sources. This real-time competition among sources aims to yield higher CPMs and fill rates. 
Prebid adapter This feature allows publishers to increase profits by adding unique demand, including direct advertisers and PMPs (private marketplace).
Unified analytics152 Media offers a unified dashboard for publishers to monitor revenue evolution, specific demand performance, and header bidding stack parameters, ensuring full transparency.
Simon AIAn advanced machine learning system designed to optimize the programmatic stack, including ADX, for peak performance around the clock.
Minimum traffic requirements250,000 page views per month


Here are the 4 main benefits of using 152 Media:

  1. Quick and efficient setup. The setup process is streamlined for efficiency, supported by dedicated account managers who work on optimizing results.
  1. CPM maximization. The header bidding solution is tailored to maximize CPMs, connecting with thousands of agencies and buyers.
  1. Flexibility. There are no long-term contracts, offering publishers the freedom to discontinue services if desired.
  1. No latency issues. Unlike other technologies that limit the number of demand partners, 152 Media allows for unlimited demand sources, increasing the chances of securing the highest bids without increasing latency.

17. Rise

Rise, established in 2020 by a team of experienced tech industry professionals, is dedicated to providing innovative advertising solutions to online publishers, leveraging the latest AI and machine learning technology. Rise aims to address the specific needs of online publishers, offering them industry-leading products powered by advanced programmatic advertising, auction management, and search monetization technologies.

Rise key features & requirementsExplanation
Data-powered ad serverTheir server technology is based on top-tier optimization processes that utilize real-time data, offering full API connectivity and a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.
Fully programmatic marketplacePublishers have access to a fully programmatic marketplace with an advanced reporting system for detailed analytics.
Customizable ad units and contextual DSPRise allows publishers to tailor ad units to their specific needs and leverage a contextual DSP for targeted advertising.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 5 main benefits of using Rise:

  1. Enhanced revenue opportunities. Rise’s data-centric approach has led to substantial revenue increases for clients, with reports indicating daily uplifts of 50-200% and monthly increases of over 100%.
  1. Optimized ad inventory management. The platform’s use of data science tools for ad inventory valuation gives publishers greater control and maximizes ad revenue potential.
  1. Compliance and user experience. Rise ensures compliance with global privacy standards and improves user experience through valuable contextual data.
  1. Efficient ad operations. With features like Supply-Path-Optimization and Floor-Price-Optimization, publishers can maximize ad revenue, minimize costs, and gain real-time control over ad inventory value.
  1. Advanced viewability metrics. Rise’s platform ensures transparent auctions, quality bids, and impression management through advanced viewability metrics.

18. Luponmedia

Luponmedia is a dynamic player in the digital advertising landscape, specializing in maximizing ad revenue for publishers through its ADX Premium header bidding platform. This platform is renowned for its efficiency in connecting ad agencies and potential buyers to publishers’ non-guaranteed ad space, facilitating real-time competition for each ad impression.

Luponmedia key features & requirementsExplanation
ADX Premium Header Bidding PlatformLuponmedia’s core offering is its advanced header bidding platform, which allows every potential buyer to access and bid in real-time for each ad impression, ensuring optimal revenue generation.
Reporting and Analytics The platform provides comprehensive reporting tools, offering multiple reporting options such as order delivery, inventory performance, and overall sales analysis. These tools are customizable, providing publishers with critical revenue and delivery data.
Ad Quality ControlPublishers have direct control over ad quality and can block individual buyers, creative content, and specific ad types. Whitelist and blacklist features are also available to manage direct advertiser relationships and pricing.
ADX Premium Universal Adapter This universal adapter simplifies the integration process, requiring only a single line of code to call all bidders into one line of javascript code. It supports both display and video formats and is compatible with DFP, working on top of it via API.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 5 main benefits of using Luponmedia:

  1. Ease of integration. The universal adapter and minimal code requirements make the integration process straightforward, requiring minimal technical knowledge.
  1. Comprehensive demand access. Publishers gain access to a wide range of demand sources, with over 60 bidders integrated into the platform.
  1. Customization and control. The platform offers extensive customization options for ad units, bidding settings, and granular control over ad quality and buyer access.
  1. Advanced optimization. Luponmedia’s platform includes demand optimization algorithms and latency control features, ensuring efficient and high-performing ad operations.
  1. Dedicated support and consulting. Publishers benefit from Luponmedia’s expert support and ongoing consulting, including assistance with integrating new bidders and optimizing header bidding setups.

19. Onetag

Onetag stands out as a global independent advertising platform specializing in media curation with a strong emphasis on privacy and transparency. It’s powered by a unique data science approach. 

Onetag is dedicated to supporting publishers, giving access to both direct and premium demand, and assisting marketers in achieving their advertising objectives.

Onetag key features & requirementsExplanation
Fast and simple integrationOnetag prioritizes ease of integration into existing ad stacks, including Prebid or Open Bidding, facilitating a quick start for publishers looking to increase their revenue.
Streamlined access to premium demandWith a single line of ads.txt, publishers can easily access Onetag’s premium direct demand. The platform supports various integration methods, including Prebid.js, Prebid Server, Google Open Bidding, and Amazon TAM.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 5 main benefits of using Onetag:

  1. Enhanced revenue opportunities. Onetag’s focus on incremental revenue and high win rates translates into better monetization for publishers.
  1. Ease of use and integration. The platform’s simple integration process, compatible with multiple systems like Prebid and Open Bidding, ensures an easy setup for publishers.
  1. Access to high-quality demand. Publishers gain access to high-quality, premium demand from leading brands and agencies, enhancing the value of their ad inventory.
  1. Dedicated support. Onetag’s dedicated publisher integrations team provides personalized assistance, ensuring publishers are up and running quickly and efficiently.
  1. Versatile integration options. Whether through Prebid.js, Google Open Bidding, or Amazon TAM, Onetag offers flexible integration paths to suit various publisher needs.

20. Brightcom

Brightcom is a comprehensive solution provider in the digital advertising sphere, offering advanced technological solutions tailored for web publishers and in-app developers. With over two decades of experience, Brightcom has cultivated a holistic ecosystem that provides premium business terms and offers strategic advice on monetization practices. 

Brightcom key features & requirementsExplanation
Flexible integration methodsBrightcom accommodates various integration methods, including prebid client and server-side, Open RTB, and JS tags, ensuring adaptability to different publisher needs.
Diverse monetization optionsThe platform supports mobile app, video, CTV, and display monetization.
Brand safety complianceBrightcom fully complies with blocklist requirements, ensuring that ads from competitors or non-compatible brands are effectively blocked, thus maintaining brand integrity.
24/7 dedicated performance specialistsA team of performance specialists offers round-the-clock support, helping publishers reach their KPIs, identify new revenue opportunities, and optimize ad strategies.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 6 main benefits of using Brightcom:

  1. Maximized revenue. Brightcom’s holistic approach and premium partnerships aim to maximize revenue for publishers.
  1. Global reach. The ability to monetize globally opens up a wider audience and more diverse revenue streams. The platform enables global-scale monetization, allowing access to a broader audience and a larger pool of brands. 
  1. Enhanced brand safety. Brightcom prioritizes protecting the brand reputation and ensuring a positive user experience. With strict compliance to blocklists and brand safety measures, publishers can maintain their brand integrity.
  1. User-friendly experience. The platform offers a streamlined integration process, enabling quick and easy monetization without extensive technical knowledge. The intuitive UI and simple integration process make it easy for publishers to manage their ad inventory.
  1. Personalized support. The dedicated team of performance specialists provides personalized support, ensuring publishers can effectively meet their advertising goals.
  1. Advanced technology. Brightcom’s cutting-edge technology offers reporting, monetization uplift, and increased brand safety. Publishers gain real-time insights into performance, offering maximum transparency and control over their ad inventory.

21. Nexxen (formerly Unruly)

Nexxen, emerging from the strategic pillars of the Tremor International brand portfolio, represents a significant evolution in the digital advertising space. This rebranding, which includes the integration of Amobee and Tremor Video DSP, Unruly SSP, and Spearad Ad Server, marks a new era for the company. Nexxen is set to offer its partners a unified and efficient experience, encompassing the Nexxen DSP, Nexxen SSP, and Nexxen Ad Server, collectively known as Nexxen CTRL.

Nexxen key features & requirementsExplanation
CTRL self-service platformNexxen CTRL allows publishers to efficiently manage their inventory, offering capabilities for programmatic direct, preferred, and non-preferred deals.
Optimized CTV/OTT ad experiencesSpearad, part of Nexxen, focuses on helping publishers deliver better ad-viewing experiences on CTV/OTT platforms and maximize the value of their ad breaks.
Global reach and direct sales channelsThe platform leverages direct sales channels with global advertisers, agencies, and DSPs, including demand from Tremor Video and Amobee DSPs.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 5 main benefits of using Nexxen:

  1. Unified advertising solutions. Nexxen’s integrated approach simplifies the advertising process for publishers, offering a single partner for diverse advertising needs.
  1. Global market access. Access to global advertisers and agencies expands publishers’ reach and potential revenue.
  1. Data-driven inventory enhancement. Enriching inventory with premium data sets offers publishers a competitive edge in the market.
  1. Improved ad experiences on emerging platforms. Specialized solutions for CTV/OTT platforms ensure publishers can monetize their content effectively in these rapidly growing areas.
  1. Robust brand safety measures. Nexxen is strongly committed to brand safety. Unruly Shield combines in-house technology, third-party integrations, and industry certifications to ensure a high-quality ad experience for advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

22. Holid (formerly Livewrapped)

Holid represents a transformative approach in the digital advertising landscape, positioning itself as a publisher hub that revolutionizes how website owners monetize their inventory. By aggregating the best in adtech, Holid empowers publishers to reach new heights in revenue generation and operational efficiency.

Holid key features & requirementsExplanation
Yield optimizationUtilizing dynamic pricing strategies, Holid continuously optimizes floor prices to achieve the highest possible RPM (revenue per mille).
Header bidding solutionsHolid’s header bidding solutions enable multiple SSPs to compete for ad units in a single request, minimizing loading time.
SupportMultiple support options, including chat, email, and phone, ensure quick response times and availability when needed
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 4 main benefits of using Holid:

  1. Operational efficiency. Automation and streamlined financial processes reduce administrative workload, allowing publishers to focus on core activities.
  1. Diverse advertising options. A wide range of advertising formats, including display, native, and video, provides flexibility and effectiveness in targeting audiences.
  1. Personalized support. Dedicated support across various channels ensures that publishers have assistance whenever needed.
  1. Optimized ad inventory. Header bidding and dynamic pricing strategies ensure that ad inventory is sold at the best possible rates.

23. AdaptMX

AdaptMX stands out in the digital advertising landscape, focusing on creating innovative and user-respecting creative formats for display, video, and native advertising. The platform guarantees high engagement and conversion rates, making it a compelling choice for advertisers and publishers alike.

AdaptMX key features & requirementsExplanation
Direct access to premium publishers With a network encompassing over 50,000 publisher properties and reaching 1 billion users monthly, AdaptMX offers mass reach across some of the world’s top publishers.
Data-driven performanceLeveraging a diversified dataset of identity signals, AdaptMX’s intelligence engine provides accurate programmatic information, enabling media buyers to make efficient and statistically backed decisions.
Mobile-first approachRecognizing the predominance of mobile internet traffic, AdaptMX emphasizes a mobile-first strategy, ensuring effective ad monetization solutions that respect user privacy.
Flexible integration optionsAdaptMX offers various integration options for web supply partners, including prebid.js adapter, prebid server adapter, OpenRTB 2.5 support, and prebid identity module.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 5 main benefits of using AdaptMX:

  1. High engagement and conversions. The creative formats designed by AdaptMX are tailored to drive higher engagement and conversion rates.
  1. Extensive reach. Access to a vast network of premium publishers enables advertisers to achieve significant reach and impact.
  1. Data-driven insights. Using contextual and identity data allows for more targeted and effective advertising campaigns.
  1. Mobile optimization. With a focus on mobile-first solutions, AdaptMX ensures that campaigns are optimized for most internet users on mobile devices.
  1. Ease of integration. The multiple integration options provided by AdaptMX make it easy for publishers to connect and start monetizing their content efficiently.

24. Equativ (formerly SmartAdServer)

Equativ is a feature-rich ad server, SSP, and DSP that seamlessly blends ads with content for enhanced revenue. The platform is renowned for its advanced predictive algorithms and unified data intelligence, enabling highly tailored and effective cross-platform advertising campaigns.

It is a one-stop solution for publishers looking to monetize their mobile apps and websites through ads.

Equativ key features & requirementsExplanation
Comprehensive ad solutionsEquativ is a holistic platform encompassing an ad server, SSP, and DSP, making it a comprehensive solution for publishers aiming to monetize their mobile apps and websites through advertising.
Diverse ad formatsThe platform supports various ad formats, including native, banner, expandable, background, carousel, interstitial, and rewarded ads.
Contextual targetingWith a focus on contextual ad targeting, Equativ is well-suited for cookieless environments, ensuring relevant ad placements.
Header bidding technologyEquativ incorporates header bidding technology, allowing multiple demand sources to bid on ad inventory, maximizing revenue potential.
Minimum traffic requirementsN/A


Here are the 5 main benefits of using Equativ:

  1. Flexible transaction options. Equativ empowers publishers with the flexibility to choose their preferred transaction methods.
  1. Pioneering in-app monetization. It boasts the distinction of being Europe’s first in-app monetization platform, showcasing its innovative approach.
  1. Advanced SDK. The platform offers a state-of-the-art SDK, providing optimal monetization opportunities while offering full flexibility and control to the publishers.


SSPs are more crucial than ever for publishers aiming to maximize their ad revenue. They are the key to navigating the challenges and opportunities of online advertising, ensuring publishers remain competitive and profitable in the changing digital adtech world.

The top SSPs of 2024, as explored in this article, offer a blend of advanced technology, user-friendly interfaces, and strategic monetization methods that cater to the diverse needs of publishers. These platforms enable publishers to optimize their ad inventory and gain valuable insights and control over their ad campaigns.

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