Stay informed on privacy and cookies in the digital age. Explore best practices, compliance tips, and the impact on user data and advertising revenue.
8 minute read
7 First-Party Data Collection Methods for Publishers

Explore 7 effective first-party data collection methods for publishers to navigate the post-cookie world, enhance audience engagement, and boost ad revenue.

15 minute read
A Guide to Google Topics API

Discover the game-changing Google Topics API. Explore how publishers, advertisers, and users can thrive in a privacy-focused digital era.

7 minute read
How Should Publishers Prepare for the Third-Party Cookie Phaseout?

Discover how publishers can adapt to the third-party cookie phaseout. This guide covers Google's timeline, Privacy Sandbox APIs, and steps for a smooth transition.

16 minute read
What is a Publisher Provided Identifier? (PPID explained)

Explore PPIDs in a post-cookie era. Read and learn and how PPIDs offer a privacy-compliant solution for effective ad targeting.

12 minute read
Open Web vs Walled Gardens: A Marketing Expert Round-Up 

We asked 11 experts to share their predictions about the future of user data, open web, and walled gardens as the demise of third-party cookies is approaching.

6 minute read
7 Types of Internet Cookies and Their Alternatives Explained

Internet cookies track user data, but not only. Learn about types of internet cookies, how they differ and the best alternatives for your site. Read on!

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