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With Setupad Prebid Manage Account, publishers can upgrade their current AdSense earnings with a more advanced solution. Get access to Google Ad Manager (GAM) with Google AdX from Setupad, including Open Bidding, optimized price floors, and Setupad PMP campaigns.

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Setupad Prebid Manage Account for Publishers

Setupad has designed a unique product for publishers who want to upgrade their AdSense monetization stack and get a better return on their ad inventory with Google AdX.

What is a Google AdX?

Google AdX is one of the most popular and sought-after ad exchanges for publishers. It's considered a premium monetization platform because of its prices and demand from major ad exchanges, like Display & Video 360. Normally to be eligible for a Google AdX account, a publisher must have at least 5M monthly page views and a minimum of 10M monthly ad impressions for at least 6 months. With Setupad, any size website is eligible for GoogleAdx immediately, as long as it has good track record of quality content and audience.

Setupad Prebid Manage Account is a product for high-quality Google AdSense publishers who want to access Google AdX and improve their monetization performance.

By switching to Setupad Prebid Manage Account publishers will get the following opportunities:


GAM benefits

GAM allows to monetize all types of ad inventory (website, mobile, app, video) and manage both programmatic and direct deals.


Revenue optimization:

Enables to run directly sold campaigns which compete against Google AdX on a price-priority. This allows publishers to monetize their inventory at the highest possible price in real-time.



Allows publishers to use additional custom formats for direct campaigns and programmatic deals. Such formats normally do not have demand in openRTB.


Advanced reporting:

Performance of individual demand partners, campaigns and GoogleAdx. Following inventory efficiency metrics like viewability and filtering the best-performing ad units.

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Pick the Most Suitable Solution for Your Ad Invetory

Setupad Prebid Manage

  • Receive direct Google (Adx) net 30 payments plus Setupad net 60 payments
  • Get access to GoogleAdx and 30+ SSPs
  • Your website should have at least 300K monthly visits
  • Must have an active Google AdSense account and MCM Manage Account connection with Setupad Adx account

Setupad Prebid

  • Receive direct Google (AdSense) net 30 payments plus Setupad net 60 payments
  • Get access Google AdSense and 30+ SSPs
  • Publisher must have at least 1M monthly visits
  • Must have an active Google AdSense account

Explore All Setupad Products

Find a product that fits your website's monetization strategy.

Setupad Prebid Self-Serve

A self-serve platform that offers implementation, maintenance, and optimization of header bidding technology and doesn't require much involvement of the publishers' IT team.

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Setupad Prebid

Advanced Setupad technology for publishers with direct campaigns ready to manage website monetization inhouse with a powerful hybrid header bidding solution.

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Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper

Full service solution, connects your ad space with top demand partners. Access extra Setupad Prebid demand and optimize your Google earnings.

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Setupad Prebid AdSense

Full service solution. Combine your Google AdSense demand with Setupad's Prebid demand from 30+ premium SSPs to drive up your ad revenue.

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Setupad CMP

Our CMP tool captures users' consent effortlessly by collecting and storing visitors' privacy preferences—simple and transparent user consent collection.

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Setupad WP Ads

The free Setupad Ads plugin provides you with all the necessary tools to manage, place, target, and various kinds of ads on your website.

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Try Setupad Prebid Manage Account

Upgrade your AdSense earnings with Setupad Prebid Manage Account and benefit from Open Bidding, optimized price floors and Setupad PMP campaigns.

Auction Controller code - lightweight and stored on CDN

Improves the user experience with a faster loading speed of ads by connecting to the closest ad server. Since auctions start taking place faster, it generates more filled ad impressions.

prebid JS auction controller

Prebid.js custom template - efficient management of demand partners (SSPs, DSPs)

Fully compressed and stored on Setupad ad server before being served to users. The template ensures effective targeting of each geolocation, connection type, user, and ad placement. Saving on connection resources with each demand partner.

prebid JS auto template

Setupad ad server - single call, more demand partners, faster bid response

Allows connecting to a limitless number of demand partners with a single server call. These server-to-server (S2S) connections provide a faster bid response and additional demand, generating extra revenue.

Ad server

Hybrid header bidding solution

Most up-to-date and complete stack unifying four main auction technologies– Prebid browser-side, Prebid server-side, Google's Open Bidding (S2S), and Amazon's Transparent Ad Marketplace (S2S).

hyper header bidding

Viewable Bid Optimization

A smart ad refresh algorithm that secures the average eCPM and complies with Google policies. The algorithm takes into account user behavior and only refreshes viewable ads, thus generating extra ad revenue for the publisher.

viewable bid optimization

Premium Ad Quality

Setupad service comes with an extensive blocklist and an additional real-time blocking software package. Setupad avoids malicious ads and ensures premium ad quality for all users.

premium ad quality

Chrome Extension to monitor Setupad ads

Setupad Chrome extension is used to report competitor ads and effectively block them across all demand sources. Additionally, it allows monitoring the auction in real-time, thus providing full transparency of the bidding process.

setupad chrome extension

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