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Easing Website Monetization for Content Creators

At Setupad, we offer content creators next-generation adtech solutions, including light Prebid technology for effective website monetization. Using intelligent tech and strategies, we boost their ad earnings, allowing them to return to their passion—content creation.
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First Google Certified Publishing Partner in Baltics

Prebid.org Tier 3 Technology Partner

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Google Approved CMP and Part of IAB

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Member in Verified by TAG Program

Setupad News

How Setupad Boosts Websites Revenue By 300%: Q/A with CEO Toms Panders

Toms Panders, CEO and Co-founder of Setupad, shares his thoughts on the latest adtech trends, the importance of a holistic approach to website monetization, and Setupad’s journey from an agency to a SaaS platform.

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Successful Rule Breakers: Toms Panders Of Setupad

Setupad’s CEO Toms Panders shares insights about achieving success by adopting unconventional approaches and breaking traditional rules in business.

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Setupad Shifts to SaaS Business Model

Setupad evolves to a global SaaS model, enhancing ad sales and potentially doubling revenues, explains co-founder Toms Panders.

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Setupad: Top AdTech Blog 2023

Setupad is featured as one of the Best AdTech blogs and websites to follow in 2023.

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Setupad: Gold Stevie® Award Winner 2023

Setupad wins Gold in The Stevie® Awards at the 20th Annual International Business Awards® for Company of the Year in Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations.

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Top 18 best SSPs for Publishers in 2023

Setupad is mentioned among 18 best SSPs for Publishers in 2023.

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Setupad Workshop 2023

Setupad workshop in Birstonas, Lithuania: Blending informative presentations with fun moments. Check our Instagram video!

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Setupad CEO Interview with Delfi About Work-life Balance

Toms discusses with Delfi Bizness the art of balancing work demands and personal life, sharing insights and strategies for a harmonious life.

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Quick Sprout Review about Setupad 2023

A header bidding platform for sites with 100K+ monthly traffic, boosting revenue by 30-300%. No code manipulation needed. Dive in!

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Setupad’s CMP Achieves Google Certification

Setupad Consent Management Platform (CMP) has been recognized as one of the early Google Certified CMPs

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Setupad Becomes a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP)

Setupad is now a Google Certified Publishing Partner! A testament to our dedication and expertise in the ad tech industry. Stay tuned for more!

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State of Digital Publishing Review for Setupad 2023

Header bidding transforms digital publishing, embraced by 70% of US publishers in Q1 2022, and Setupad aims to simplify its implementation.

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Setupad Among Top 30 Digital Marketing LinkedIn Accounts

Setupad is included in the Top 30 Digital Marketing LinkedIn accounts

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Feature Contribution Shout-Outs from Prebid

Thanks to the contribution of talented Setupad engineers the latest version of Prebid Server v0.234.0 now features support for MySQL driver.

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Prebid.org Tier 2 Technology Partner

Setupad is now officially a Prebid.org Tier 2 Technology Partner.

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Setupad: A 2022 Deloitte ’Fast 50 Impact Star’

Setupad, a 2022 Deloitte ’Fast 50 Impact Star,’ blends excellence in products and services with positive societal, business, and innovation impact.

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AdOps Teambuilding 2022

Our teambuilding event not only strengthens our teamwork but also enhances our work-life balance, fostering a harmonious, productive team.

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Setupad Among 10 Latvian Startups to Watch in 2022

Setupad: A Latvian programmatic ad platform. Doubled client revenues, exceeded €10M in 2021. Bootstrapped & poised for a 2022 spotlight.

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Ad Lightning’s Interview with Monetization Platform Setupad

Setupad’s partnership with Ad Lightning leads to a transformation in ad quality, user experience, and the digital advertising landscape.

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"By being in the media and advertising industry for more than 10 years, I saw a great possibility to help publishers that don't have extensive IT or AdOps teams. The main goal has always been supporting free access to quality content while allowing publishers to sustainably monetize their digital business, so we created a solution that does exactly that."
Toms Panders
"Setupad has experienced substantial growth and transformation, progressing from a sophisticated monetization solutions provider to a comprehensive online business consultancy firm. I take pride in having played a significant role in steering this transformation alongside our dedicated team. This evolution was possible by our strong commitment to the success of our customers while consistently delivering a wide array of customized, tailored, and personalized solutions.Our ongoing business operations are dedicated to increasing automation, enhancing transparency, and providing greater control for entrepreneurs and other online media businesses."
Povilas Goberis


Two Founders & An Idea

Setupad was established in 2015. The idea was quite simple - help publishers earn more from advertising. Our two founders, with more than 15 years of combined experience in the advertising industry, put their heads together and developed the first solution that was able to bring extra revenue. And just like that, Setupad was established!

Today, we have greatly expanded our offering in monetization and optimization tools for publishers. Having progressed from a monetization partner to an online business consultancy, we now help over 500 international websites and are the first Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) in the Baltics.

Our Values

  • Self - independent decision-making and problem-solving
  • Environment - finding personal development path
  • Time&Trust – flexibility in all aspects, reliable and efficient info exchange
Unity&People - feeling a sense of belonging and sharpening professional skills
Attitude&Drive – never-ending hunger for success and contagious enthusiasm toward work

Numbers are Telling our Story

Words are great, but let's summarize Setupad into numbers. Here's a snapshot of us in a nutshell, revealing the key figures that define our success.


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Active Websites




Meet our Team

Our philosophy is simple - assemble a team of diverse, passionate individuals and foster a culture that empowers each person to unleash their full potential and excel in their work.

Toms Panders linkedin logo
Povilas Goberis linkedin logo
Dana Meždreija linkedin logo
Marketing Manager
Alise Zaiceva linkedin logo
Content Marketing Manager
Arvis Renckulbergs linkedin logo
SEO Manager
Dmitrijs Smirnovs linkedin logo
Graphic Designer
Anete Jodzeviča linkedin logo
Content Marketing Specialist
Rokas Kaupelis linkedin logo
Head of Advertisers Operation
Darius Stelmokas linkedin logo
Project Manager
Remigijus Černius linkedin logo
Campaign Manager
Toms Panders linkedin logo
Head of Sales
Alberto Fernandez linkedin logo
Country Manager Spain&LATAM
Mārtiņš Veisbārdis linkedin logo
Senior Account Executive
Annija Anna Geige linkedin logo
Customer Success Manager
Kristiāna Biteniece linkedin logo
Technical Account Manager
Atis Petrovskis linkedin logo
Account Executive
Annija Vutkevica linkedin logo
Account Executive
Marija Dvorņikova linkedin logo
Account Executive
Mikus Legzdiņš linkedin logo
Account Executive
Reinis Rikveilis linkedin logo
Account Executive
Denija Īvāne linkedin logo
Account Executive
Alvils Karlštrems linkedin logo
Head of Ad Operations
Sandis Kurtišs linkedin logo
Senior Ad Operations Specialist
Mingaile Lengvinaite linkedin logo
Ad Operations Account Manager
Amanda Pipare linkedin logo
Ad Operations Specialist
Līna Stiprā linkedin logo
Ad Operations Specialist
Dāvis Flugrāts linkedin logo
Ad Operations Specialist
Lina Prelgauskaite linkedin logo
Ad Operations Specialist
Sabīne Žilde linkedin logo
Ad Operations Specialist
Aleksis Reihmanis linkedin logo
Ad Operations Trafficker
Dominykas Mikalauskas linkedin logo
Lead Software Engineer
Paulıus Vıgelıs linkedin logo
Software Developer
MıchaIas Lapkovskıs
Software Developer
Signe Kreicere linkedin logo
Technical Support Engineer
Edijs Belasovs linkedin logo
Technical Support Engineer
Rokas Matuzonis
Software Developer
Elgars Grodnis linkedin logo
Software Developer
Mantas Grabauskas
Software Developer
Raimonda Zibolytė linkedin logo
Web Developer
Rūta Vigelytė linkedin logo
App Developer
Dana Frolova linkedin logo
HR Manager
Austra Svarinska linkedin logo
Financial Officer
Karolis Vorobėjus linkedin logo
Data Analyst

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