Programmatic Advertising
Author: Alise Zaiceva 7 minute read
#Ad Inventory
7 minute read
What is Ad Inventory and Why It’s Important?

This guide explores what ad inventory is, its importance for publishers and advertisers, calculation methods, and ad inventory management tips.

5 minute read
24 Digital Advertising Trends and Stats for 2024

Digital advertising and programmatic trends for 2024. Stats, facts and graphs YOU CAN'T IGNORE. Keep an eye on our updated list and be ahead of the competition!

16 minute read
30 Marketing KPIs You Need to Monitor in 2024

Discover the top 30 marketing KPIs to track in 2024. Learn how to monitor each effectively and stay ahead with your marketing strategy!

8 minute read
7 First-Party Data Collection Methods for Publishers

Explore 7 effective first-party data collection methods for publishers to navigate the post-cookie world, enhance audience engagement, and boost ad revenue.

8 minute read
In-Image Ads: Everything Publishers Should Know

Unlock the power of visuals in advertising with our comprehensive guide on in-image ads. Learn types, benefits, and strategies for your site. Dive in now!

5 minute read
Setupad Guaranteed+ Program | Case Study

Discover how boosted revenue by 33% and increased viewability by 29% with Setupad Guaranteed+ Program, ensuring a seamless transition to advanced ad monetization.

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