Setupad Consent Managament Platform (CMP)

Collect consent, avoid privacy fines

Make your website GDPR friendly with the Setupad CMP (Consent Management Platform).

  • arrowApproved by Google
  • arrowGDPR-compliant
  • arrowApproved by the IAB

How Does It Work?

Our CMP tool captures users' consent effortlessly by collecting and storing visitors' privacy preferences. With Setupad CMP, the collection of user consent is simple and transparent.


Meet legal requirements

The main benefit of using Setupad CMP is full compliance with the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).


Customize the look and appearance of the consent banner.

Multi-language support

Communicate with your visitors in the language they prefer.

Administration interface

Easy-to-understand, intuitive interface.


What is a CMP (Consent Management Platform)?

A CMP is a technology used by website owners to collect data from users. It complies with handling users’ personal information, such as meeting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and IAB Europe’s TCF.

Is it mandatory to have a CMP?

Regardless of where you are based, your website must meet regulatory obligations when processing EU/EEA citizens’ data, or your website will get penalized.

How much does it cost?

Our CMP solution is free for Setupad clients.

Why choose Setupad CMP?

Years of expertise in the programmatic advertising field have helped us craft a practical and easy-to-use tool ideally suited for monetized websites.

4 Key Reasons to Start Working With Setupad


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