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14.04.2020– Right Ad Placements

How Setupad header bidding technology helped to increase ad revenue and choose the right ad placements. About the […]

COVID-19 and Advertising Industry Data Update

Data updated on 08.05.2020 Statistics on how COVID-19 has affected advertising industries– airline, pharmaceutical, travel, real estate, television, entertainment […]

Monetization Platform Benefits | What Publishers Should Know

Creating content consistently and maintaining a stable reader base is a difficult job in itself. Therefore, it’s no surprise […]

First-Party Data Strategy | The End of Third-Party Cookies

Within two years, Google wants to sustain ad-supported web without third-party cookies. Read on to learn how the elimination […]

Google AdX vs Google AdSense

Are you currently thinking about the difference between Google AdSense and Google Adx? Google AdSense and Google AdExchange (AdX) […]

Programmatic Advertising Industry Trends for 2020

Currently, there are a lot of articles talking about the latest updates in the programmatic advertising industry. Each Google […]

8 Tips for Publishers to Increase Website Loading Speed

[Updated on 01.09.2020] Why does website speed and performance matter? If your website’s loading speed is too slow, you […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Publishers Trends Edition 2019

Last year we took a deep dive into our data pool and tried to find how the most significant […]

Monetization for Beginners | Google Adsense Bid Types and Tips

Are you ready to discover Google Adsense bid types and receive expert tips regarding monetization? Congrats, you are reading […]

Programmatic Ecosystem and Header Bidding Process Explained

The whole programmatic ecosystem consists of many moving parts, it has its systems and algorithms that are all important […]

Best Mobile Ad Formats and Ad Types for Your Mobile Site

It has been more than 3 years since mobile web traffic surpassed desktop for the first time. Since then we have […]

Ad Refresh | Viewable Bid Optimization Solution Explained

[Updated: 15.05.2020] Last year we launched our product – Viewable Bid Optimization, which is also known as Ad Refresh. […]

Average eCPM Can Be Misleading for Publishers

Publishers often evaluate the overall results by looking at the average eCPM. This can be right for a quick […]

Difference between SSP and Monetization Platform

For many online publishers, programmatic advertising is an important source of revenue. As the share of programmatic revenues is […]

Why Seasonality Matters for Publishers and Advertisers?

Just like any other business, digital publishing has its highs and lows. Time of the year or seasonality not […]