Track and analyze your advertising campaign performance with our comprehensive guide to advertising metrics. Learn how to measure success and optimize your ROI.
10 minute read
Ad Viewability | What is It and How to Improve It?

Ad viewability measures opportunity to see an ad by real user. The position of ad influence viewability the most. Main goal is to increase viewability rate.

5 minute read
eCPM, rCPM and Fill Rate | Important Monetization Metrics

Find out what's the difference between eCPM, rCPM and fill rate and which metric to look at when assessing your monetization performance.

6 minute read
eCPM vs CPM | Differences, Formula and How to Calculate?

eCPM and CPM are the most common monetization metrics for publishers. Learn about the differences between eCPM and CPM. Simple explanation in one video!

10 minute read
What is Ad Discrepancy and How to Reduce It

Ad discrepancy refers to the mismatch in ad impressions or ad requests between the publisher’s ad server and the demand partner's ad server.

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