Get the most out of Google Ad Manager with our expert advice and insights. Learn how to optimize ad delivery, maximize revenue, and improve user experience.
15 minute read
A Guide to Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) for Publishers

Explore the benefits of Google's MCM. Dive into its features and set up to optimize your digital ad strategy and maximize revenue.

14 minute read
Google Publisher Console – What is It, and How to Use It?

Read and learn about the power of Google Ad Manager Publisher Console-a valuable tool for publishers to optimize their ad strategy.

14 minute read
How to Test Google Ad Manager (DFP) Setup?

Maximize ad revenue and performance with thorough ad testing in Google Ad Manager. Learn how to optimize your GAM setup and boost results!

8 minute read
What is Publisher Query Language?

Publisher Query Language (PQL) helps to optimize your ad strategy in Google Ad Manager. Read and learn what PQL is and how it works!

15 minute read
A Guide to Google Ad Manager Audience Segments

Audience segments in GAM can increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns. Read and learn more about audience segmentation and its benefits!

18 minute read
Key-Value Targeting in Google Ad Manager – a Guide for Publishers

Use key-value targeting in GAM to raise the value of your inventory. Learn about key-value targeting and how to apply it to your benefit.

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