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A Guide to Google Open Bidding

Google Open Bidding, previously known as EBDA, was introduced to publishers in 2018. It’s a server-side alternative to header […]

What is a Header Bidding Wrapper?

Header bidding wrapper allows publishers to request real-time bids from numerous demand partners, using the code placed at the […]

What is Prebid Server? community continues to expand, and the years of work are paying off. Prebid.js was designed in 2015 by […]

What is a Prebid Adapter? | 4 Best Adapters for Publishers

Prebid adapter allows publishers to collaborate with a demand partner, as well as the agencies and advertisers it has […]

What is Prebid? | Everything Publishers Should Know

Prebid is an open-source header bidding wrapper that’s accessible to anyone and is used by many publishers today.  With […]

What is a Bid Request and How Does it Work?

A bid request helps publishers and advertisers to agree on a mutually beneficial ad slot deal. At the same […]

Banner Sizes: Best-Performing Banner Ads for Publishers in 2022

Banner ads are the most popular form of display advertising. For the most part, banner ads contributed to the […]

How to Build Brand Loyalty? | Proven Tips and Solutions

Brand loyalty is a long-term effort that helps you increase your revenue and gather a loyal client base within […]

Content Personalization – Examples and Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

Content personalization is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies right now. It brings the benefits of improved […]