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14 minute read
What is a Data Management Platform (DMP)?

Read and learn what a Demand Side Platform (DSP) is and how it optimizes digital ads by enabling more efficient and targeted ad campaigns!

18 minute read
What is an Ad Server & 10 Best Ad Servers for Publishers

Publishers often ask: "What is an ad server and do I need one?" This guide will introduce you to all types of ad servers and their benefits.

8 minute read
10 Main AdTech Trends Publishers Need to Know

AdTech refers to a wide range of software platforms and tools for creating and presenting targeted advertisements to prospective clients. Learn all about it!

13 minute read
6 Real-Life Examples of Fallacies in Advertising

Unraveling fallacies in advertising-read and learn more about common fallacies and how they can influence user behavior!

9 minute read
Differences Between DSPs, SSPs, and DMPs in Advertising

DSPs manage ad buying, SSPs handle ad selling, while DMPs organize & analyze data. Find out their roles in the advertising ecosystem.

28 minute read
The Ultimate Guide to CTV Monetization in 2024

The benefits of advertising on CTVs, including tailored, skippable ads reaching the target audience through streaming devices and TV screens.

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