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Earn with Setupad Referral Program for Publishers

Partner through the Setupad Referral Program and earn commissions every month. Join the program, share your unique link and make money. With each referred publisher, you can earn a 5% commission from their ad revenue for 12 months. This commission is paid from Setupad and will not affect publisher net results.


Sign up. Fill in the form with your details to receive your unique link.


Promote Setupad, share it on socials, your blog, or email it to anyone interested.


Earn a commission for every site that signs up using your link, and start using Setupad.

Benefits for Partners


Monetary compensation

Earn a 5% commission for 12 months from sites that qualify and start using Setupad services. There are no limits on how many publishers you can refer. You will earn a commission from each as long as they start monetizing their traffic with Setupad.


Marketing cooperation

Reach out to our marketing team, and we can share your blog articles across our social media channels.


Partnership with a reputable company

We will ensure that your recommendation matches our services and take the best care of your referred sites.

Why partner up with Setupad?

Setupad is a trusted website monetization platform with years of experience. We are currently helping more than 500 international publishers reach their best revenue potential.

With our help, publishers can expect to see an increase in ad revenue by up to 200%.
We offer two programmatic advertising solutions suitable for small and medium-sized publishers: header bidding wrapper and header bidding SaaS solution.

And what we value most is our customer support which our clients have highly appreciated.

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How much can I earn with Setupad Referral Program?

There is no limit on how much you can earn. The program will pay you a 5% of the publishers' ad revenue for 12 months. And you can have an unlimited number of referred sites.

Are there any restrictions?

Setupad only works with websites that qualify our terms. So keep in mind that not all websites that apply will be onboarded.
1. Website must be compliant with the Setupad quality policy
2. Must have significant traffic (100K+ visitors per month)
3. Must agree to paste our ads.txt onto your website and use all Setupad demand sources, including Google

How are the payments made?

The publisher receives the first payment in 60 days, and your first 5% commission will also be paid after 60 days. After that, all subsequent payments will be on a 30-day basis. You can receive the payments via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, or Wise.

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