18 minute read
What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP): A Comprehensive Guide for Publishers

Discover how demand-side platforms (DSPs) revolutionize digital advertising with real-time bidding, advanced targeting, and cross-channel capabilities.

5 minute read
What We Learned From the Prebid Ascent Event in London 

Learn about Prebid Ascent 2024, an event uniting industry leaders to discuss ad-supported digital futures, hosted by Prebid.org in London.

17 minute read
What are Retail Media Networks (RMNs)?

Discover how retail media networks (RMNs) enhance shopping with targeted ads, boosting sales and improving consumer experiences.

14 minute read
What is a Data Management Platform (DMP)?

Read and learn what a Demand Side Platform (DSP) is and how it optimizes digital ads by enabling more efficient and targeted ad campaigns!

20 minute read
What is Native Advertising?

Explore native advertising for publishers. Read and learn how you can increase engagement and boost revenue effectively with native ads!

18 minute read
What is an Ad Server & 10 Best Ad Servers for Publishers

Publishers often ask: "What is an ad server and do I need one?" This guide will introduce you to all types of ad servers and their benefits.

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