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How Setupad header bidding solution helped to increase ComRegras ad revenue by 300%.

About the website is an education blog followed by thousands of people every day. The blog is for the Portuguese population in order to update them with studies, analysis on education. also provides daily news regarding the education system to inform teachers, parents and other people, who have an interest in the subject. is an online platform where users can freely share their opinion about education. The key to success is quality content for its readers. Since the blog is independent from unions or political parties, it has given ComRegras a status of coherence and honesty in its work.

The Challenge: Turning hobby of writing into additional revenue stream

The challenge turned out to become an opportunity. Previously, monetized its website using only Google AdSense.

Blog author of, Alexandre Henriques says: ”The results obtained through the Setupad changed what was viewed as a hobby, to a profitable second job.”

The Solution: Website monetization with header bidding technology to increase ad revenue

Our main goal for was to provide a personalized solution to increase their revenue stream with the same website traffic. Setupad connected ComRegras ad inventory to top Supply-Side Platforms, including Google in a header bidding way. Our adtech team helped to choose the right ad placements while not overcrowding the website with too many ads.

Alexandre Henriques says: ”I am a Physical Education teacher, not a computer expert, but the monitoring of the Setupad team has been very helpful. I never felt alone, I feel that at any time I have someone on the other side who supports me and solve technical issues,” continues, “I’ve tried several platforms, but I’ve never found a service with the quality of Setupad. The friendliness, kindness and availability is a brand image of the company that I hope will continue.”

The Result: Maximized Ad Revenue up to 300% and responsive support

”After joining Setupad, I saw a significant increase in my ad revenues– up to 300%. And, although we are living in difficult times due to COVID-19, Setupad manages to outperform some well-known competitors.”– Alexandre Henriques, author of

Thanks to our client’s trust we can take care of yield optimization for the website. And let the publisher get back to his true calling– quality content creation.

”Not only the financial return but also the given support played a decisive role in partnering with Setupad. Fortunately, I can say that I made the right choice and hope to remain a partner of the Setupad for many good years.”– Alexandre Henriques, author of

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