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About is a website that offers its users access to numerous WordPress themes. Over time they have successfully build a community of fellow WordPress users, where they get support and can fix various issues with themes or plugins on WordPress.

Their website has almost 4M monthly visits and Colorlib WordPress themes have been downloaded more than 3M times.

The Challenge: access to other SSPs, besides Google

Before joining Setupad, Colorlib was monetizing their website using Google AdSense.

The Solution: Transparency in the real-time reporting system

Because of other scripts and plugins on the website, needed a personalized solution. Taking this into account, Setupad’s adtech team managed to come up with a solution in one day. We connected Colorlib with various Supply-Side Platforms, including Google. With a header bidding solution, we were able to increase their ad revenue and thanks to real-time statistics the client was able to see the results immediately.

“I can see they are working hard to improve their solutions even more by adding more demand partners and increasing my ad revenue, and this helps them be more competitive in the market.” – Aigars Silkalns, Colorlib founder

How would you evaluate our tech support?

“We have not experienced any technical issues with Setupad solution. We did change the scripts several times, but it was only to improve their solution.” – Aigars Silkalns, Colorlib founder

The Result: Personalized Solution and Increase of 40% in Ad Revenue

“After switching from using only Google AdSense to Setupad header bidding solution, our ad revenue increased by 40%. Our website required a personalized solution, and their ad tech support provided this in one day. I would suggest Setupad solutions to anyone who is currently using only AdSense and wants to increase ad revenue with header bidding.” – Aigars Silkalns, Colorlib founder

Setupad follows up with the latest industry trends and keep our clients updated to further increase their ad revenue. Since Setupad connects publishers with new SSPs competition increases and subsequently the ad revenue for our clients as well. Sign up!

About Setupad Team
Setupad Team are experts in programmatic advertising and header bidding.

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