Setupad Prebid Adapter

Utilize our single, streamlined adapter to unlock the potential of Prebid server auctions and access premium demand from top SSPs.

setupad prebid adapter

Tap into the future of cookieless demand with Setupad

This unique Adapter empowers publishers to swiftly unlock the advantages of Prebid Server demand. Unlike the conventional Prebid client-side approach (Prebid.js), where each SSP initiates a call from the user's browser, the Prebid Server solution dramatically accelerates this process by connecting with an extensive list of demand partners through a single call.

Simply put, Setupad Prebid Adapter (starting from version 8.42.0) acts as an additional SSP in your wrapper that allows you to benefit from Prebid Server. This single Adapter hosts all Prebid Server S2S connections with multiple top SSP partners.

Setupad Prebid Adapter can yield on average 40% extra revenue depending on the website's in-house wrapper efficiency and demand strength. This revenue would be lost with just the Prebid client-side wrapper (Prebid.js) and is therefore considered the future of cookieless monetization in 2024.

setupad hybrid header bidding

Adding Setupad Prebid Adapter to your tech stack can benefit your website in a number of ways, including:


Setupad reseller S2S demand sources ready for plug and play:

  • AdForm
  • Pubmatic
  • IndexExchange
  • Rubicon
  • E-Planning
  • Sovrn
  • OpenX
  • SmartAdServer
  • MobFox
  • MediaFuse
  • TripleLift
  • Xandr
  • ConnectAd
  • SMN
  • NextMillenium
  • OneTag
  • The list of SSPs tailored for the Prebid server is continuously updated

What is Prebid Server?

A Prebid Server is a powerful tool that transforms online advertising for publishers. It moves bid requests from user devices to a server-side location, acting as a bridge between publishers and advertisers. This innovative approach eliminates delays, improves website loading speed, and enhances overall user experience. Many publishers now opt for a hybrid system that combines Prebid client-side wrapper (Prebid.js) and Prebid Server to maximize their ad revenue by connecting with multiple demand partners while minimizing browser requests.

What is Setupad Prebid Server?

Setupad's Prebid Server, built on our proprietary Prebid technology, is seamlessly integrated with our in-house ad server. We've invested in an internal cloud-hosted ad server solution and a cloud-hosted bidding platform, reducing our reliance on third-party sources and ensuring complete ownership of our core advertising technologies. This approach grants our publishers an unparalleled level of control over their header bidding processes, equipping them with powerful tools to optimize their monetization strategies.

setupad adapter

Explore All Setupad Products

Find a product that fits your website's monetization strategy.

Setupad Prebid Self-Serve

A self-serve platform that offers implementation, maintenance, and optimization of header bidding technology and doesn't require much involvement of the publishers' IT team.

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Setupad Prebid

Advanced Setupad technology for publishers with direct campaigns ready to manage website monetization inhouse with a powerful hybrid header bidding solution.

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Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper

Full service solution, connects your ad space with top demand partners. Access extra Setupad Prebid demand and optimize your Google earnings.

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Setupad Prebid AdSense

Full service solution. Combine your Google AdSense demand with Setupad's Prebid demand from 30+ premium SSPs to drive up your ad revenue.

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Setupad CMP

Our CMP tool captures users' consent effortlessly by collecting and storing visitors' privacy preferences—simple and transparent user consent collection.

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Setupad WP Ads

The free Setupad Ads plugin provides you with all the necessary tools to manage, place, target, and various kinds of ads on your website.

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We use various user identification solutions, like Google PPS, ID5, PubCommonID, Criteo, and UserID that drive additional success to Setupad Adapter users by

reduce of 3rd party cookies

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