Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper

Header Bidding Wrapper is a tag-based prebid.js monetization solution connecting publishers' ad space with the world's top demand partners - Google AdX, SSPs, DSPs, and Deals
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Header Bidding Wrapper that's easy to use

Setupad has designed its own header bidding solution for publishers. It's easy to use and does not require much involvement from IT.

What is a Header Bidding Wrapper?

Header Bidding Wrapper is a JavaScript code template used to connect publishers' ad space with demand partners (Google AdX, SSPs, DSPs, and Deals). As a result, all programmatic demand partners can simultaneously bid and compete in the same ad auction, increasing publishers' ad revenue.

Setupad's Header Bidding Wrapper can easily be implemented through the publisher's ad server or directly into a website's source code. This tag-based solution runs a hybrid prebid.js auction that collects bids from client and server-side connections to display the winner's programmatic ads.

It doesn't require changes to the website source code and can be easily run through an ad server, like Google Ad Manager.


A fully managed service - from ad tag creation to predefined blocklists

For Setupad, it's important to provide a simple and easy ad tag implementation as well as high-quality ads from premium demand partners. By default, Setupad has predefined blocklists to avoid unwanted and low-quality ads.

All earnings are collected by Setupad and paid to the publisher, including Google AdX demand.

  • Easy implementation
  • Full service and technical support
  • No risk payment model
  • No optimization with direct sales
  • Calls via publisher ad server

Prebid.js auto-template - efficient management of demand partner adaptors (SSPs, DSPs)

What is Prebid?

Prebid is an open-source Header Bidding Wrapper available to everyone and is used by many publishers today. Setupad's Header Bidding Wrapper is also based on the prebid, thus helping to increase publishers' ad revenue and connect to premium demand.

Prebid.js auto-template is fully compressed and stored on a cloud ad server before uploading to users' browsers. The template allows optimizing the list of libraries necessary for each particular user and ad placement.


Prebid.js cloud ad server - scalable and secure architecture

Cloud ad server allows connecting to an unlimited number of demand partners with a single server call. In addition, the server-to-server (S2S) connections provide faster bid response and additional demand, generating incremental revenue.

prebid server

Yield formula analytics

Yield formula or Setupad ad revenue calculator helps you understand how to unlock 100% of revenue potential. Simple and sophisticated view of a few key metrics: number of users, loyalty measure in visit sessions, engagement, and monetization strength. Learn more about it here.

ad revenue calculator

Hybrid header bidding solution

Most up-to-date and complete stack unifying 4 main auction technologies– Prebid browser-side, Prebid server-side, Google's Open Bidding (OB), and Amazon's Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM).

ad auction

Setupad Chrome extension to monitor Setupad ads

Useful tool during the onboarding process. The main functionality of this Setupad extension is to report unwanted ads. Extension collects the necessary information for Setupad to successfully block the particular advertiser across all demand sources.

ad extension

Try Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper

Useful features of Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper

Here are some benefits of using the Setupad header bidding solution.


Viewable Bid Optimization

A smart ad refresh algorithm that doesn't diminish the average eCPM. Only viewable ads are refreshed and generate extra yield for ads above the average eCPM.


Cloud Infrastructure

Distributed systems across several cloud platforms-Azure, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud ensure flexibility in Setupad service, nearly perfect uptime ratios, and availability worldwide.


Powerful Dashboard

Reports of all demand partners and all sources into one dashboard. Aggregated data from prebid.js client, prebid.js server, OB (Google Open Bidding), TAM (Amazon's Transparent Ad Marketplace).


Premium Ad Quality

Setupad service comes with an extensive blocklist and an additional real-time blocking software package. Setupad avoids malicious ads and ensures premium ad quality for all users.


How many monthly visitors do I need to use the Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper?

If your website has over 100K monthly visitors and the main traffic is coming from GEOs like the USA, Singapore, UK, Canada, and Australia, Setupad header bidding wrapper will be the right choice for you.

Will header bidding slow down my website's loading speed?

Today's industry standard is very high. By partnering with a monetization platform like Setupad, a dedicated team of AdOps managers will ensure your loading speed is not affected. If website loading speed is currently an issue for your website, here you will find tips on how to improve it!

Does Google use header bidding?

Google has its Open Bidding solution that's mostly for direct sales, and it's available for those publishers who have Google AdX. However, with Setupad hybrid header bidding solution, you can access even more SSPs and ad exchanges, including Google AdX, thus increasing your ad revenue even more.

Is header bidding good for publishers?

Yes, because you can reach your ad revenue potential. Clients who have switched to Setupad Header Bidding experience a 30%-300% ad revenue increase compared to their previous monetization partner.

Is header bidding better than Google AdSense?

Since we are partners with Google, we can say that AdSense is a good way to start your monetization journey. However, when your earnings reach 500 EUR per month, consider switching to Header Bidding to reach bigger demand, thus increasing your ad revenue. Learn more about how header bidding can outperform AdSense.


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