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Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper

Ready-to-use solution includes over 15 top SSPs and optimized with Google.

How does it work?

Our ready-to-use wrapper solution is super easy for the publishers to implement. No pasting anything into your source code. We use a tag-based solution implemented through your ad server that automatically connects the publisher with multiple demand partners worldwide. The header bidding wrapper contains the top 15 SSPs, including Google, and will start buying your inventory as soon as the tag is launched on your website. Our prebid.js solution has granular optimization with Google, providing publishers with the most advanced technology at their fingertips.

Setupad's HB wrapper is a hybrid solution that combines bids from the client side with server-side connections. The client side makes sure that most up-to-date cookies get the valuable bids, while the server-side improves the loading speed and provides a connection to many demand partners without compromising the loading speed. The server side directly connects to the SSPs and DSPs while avoiding unnecessary commissions.

Setupad's wrapper runs using a cloud-based ad server that improves the monetization of cross-border traffic and helps connect to SSPs near data centers. This allows publishers to deliver ads much faster, improves the fill rate and generates more revenue.

  • Easy to implement on your ad server
  • Monetize up to 100% of your inventory immediately and get the highest possible rCPM (revenue CPM)
  • Free access to advanced formats that generate excellent revenue performance
  • Dedicated extension to monitor ad content and a real-time firewall against malvertising
  • Fully managed service across top 15+ SSPs, including Google
  • Real-time statistics combining all revenue into one report
  • Not possible to optimize with direct sales at the impression level. Only with general floor price and passback

Advanced Formats

Obtain consultation about the best performing placements and sizes. Use our free advanced formats, such as sticky leaderboard, mobile anchor ads, and many more. Take advantage of our rich media solutions and custom IAB standard size build placements. Setupad will make sure these formats work properly on every website and provide support during implementation. Many publishers have doubled their revenue with improved formats from Setupad.


Viewable Bid Optimisation (VBO)

Benefit from a smart solution that refreshes banners and is supported by such market leaders as Google. Setupad monitors viewability, and a tailored algorithm avoids the decrease in average price when the ads are refreshed. Ads are changed only when the next impression benefits the publisher. On average, publishers will get an additional 15% impressions and revenue solely thanks to this solution.


Ad Quality Monitoring

Detect Setupad ads and report any unwanted content with a Chrome plugin. An extensive blocklist is active by default. However, there may be a specific ad you wouldn't like to see, and through the plugin, the ad source can be easily detected and quickly blocked, making sure the same ad won't appear through a different channel. This streamlined process significantly saves time for publishers.


Anti Malvertising

Prevent malvertising attacks and block suspicious ads with AdLightning firmware's real-time monitoring. It's a firewall that doesn't let bad advertisers execute pop-ups and other unacceptable activities. Publishers can sleep tight and send a strong signal to malvertisers to not mess with their inventory.



Follow performance on a daily basis and in real-time. All results from various demand partners and connections are aggregated into one report. The in-depth analysis helps publishers make smart decisions when reorganizing ad placements or deciding about production of content that yields high return.



After the calendar month ends, payments are processed within 60 days by direct bank transfer or PayPal. Monthly self-billing invoices are generated until the 4th date of every month.