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Frequently Asked Questions

Setupad is a monetization platform. We've got a suite of programmatic monetization solutions that we've developed in-house to help publishers increase ad revenue.
The main difference between our service and Google AdSense is that we use header bidding technology to connect publishers with more than 25 buyers, including Google. Adding multiple premium buyers creates more competition for the same ad impression, meaning that it pushes Google and other buyers to increase their prices. In the end, the publisher receives more ad revenue.
1. Website must be compliant with the Setupad quality policy
2. Must have significant traffic (100K+ visitors per month)
3. Must agree to paste our ads.txt onto your website and use all Setupad demand sources, including Google
Just sign up here! Simply provide us with your website domain and contact details, and we'll get back to you about the next steps and monetization opportunities.
Yes, we have a contract that covers our security and your security. You'll receive the contract when both sides have agreed on a test period.
Our solution is risk-free. Setupad doesn't require a volume commitment before showing a revenue growth potential. We earn money by taking a revenue share commission.
Setupad pays publishers in euros (EUR).
You'll see your first payment 60 days after the first month has finished. For example, you'll receive your January revenue at the end of March. Then February revenue at the end of April and so on. If the minimum threshold of €100 is not reached, earnings will be added to the next month until they exceed €100 and are paid out.
adsense vs setupad payment terms
You can receive your payment via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, Revolut or Paysera.
We always suggest our clients run a test period to see the results for themselves. This is the most effective way to see how much our solutions can increase your ad revenue. Each website is different, and ad revenue depends on overall monthly visitors, geo locations of web traffic, how many pages per visit a user scrolls through, visit duration, and many other factors.
We guarantee a 30% increase over Google AdSense and Google Adx when implemented according to recommendations. The majority of our clients exceed the minimum of 30% increase in ad revenue - some even see increases up to 300%. To estimate your results, we suggest you run a test.
Setupad's solutions run a header bidding auction, so we can't reliably predict the average eCPM. Buyers set the price for specific impressions, and with our solution, the highest bidder wins and generates the highest CPM. Keep in mind, the price can differ depending on many variables, such as traffic, user quality, geolocations, ad placement, and your website's niche. We suggest you run a test to see the results for yourself - it won't cost you anything!
Our Solution
1. Receive login details to access Setupad's UI via email
2. Download the ads.txt from the UI and paste it in your website's root folder
3. Complete the Google Publisher Form you receive in your email
4. We contact you to agree on the ad placements and sizes you'd like to run on your website
5. Receive the ad codes by email and implement them through your ad server, or directly through your website
It takes two to four weeks to see optimal results, though we strongly suggest you run a four-week test so we can add the majority of the SSPs. We've created a guide on how to correctly compare Setupad results, which you can access here.
Yes. If you're unsure about how much traffic you'd like to monetize with us we suggest you run a test, then analyze and compare the results. Our tips on how to accurately compare Setupad results with other monetization platforms can be found here.
It's possible, but your Google AdManager and Google Adx accounts have to be customized for the header bidding. It requires a lot of work and time for both Setupad and the publisher, so such a SaaS solution is useful only for large publishers that are ready to commit to a fixed monthly cost. You can get all the benefits more easily using the Setupad wrapper solution.
First, define the Setupad campaign as a Sponsorship priority and make sure that it's the only sponsorship campaign, otherwise, Setupad won't receive 100% of the traffic allocation. Also, make sure that Setupad campaign isn't running iframe or safeframe. Second, disable Google AdSense/Google Adx for the specific ad placements running Setupad. A step by step guide on how to prepare GAM for Setupad AD units can be found here.
Define the Setupad campaign as the highest possible priority and make sure that it's not running iframe or safeframe.
Our header-bidding connects you to more than 25 of the most popular SSPs: GoogleAdx, Xandr, Magnite, Criteo, Index Exchange, Adform, RTB House, PubMatic, Amazon, OpenX, Sovrn, Smart+, Between Digital, 33Across, AdaptMX, Conversant, Adagio, Lupon Media, Sharethrough, OneTag, AdYouLike, Epsilon, MobFox, RhythmOne/Unruly, Teads and 152Media.
Yes. Please contact us for more information about app monetization here.
No. Our solutions won't affect loading speed, as Setupad has a one second timeout by default and normally the auction ends within 400ms.
Yes. We only recommend ad placements that are compliant with the Better Ads Standards.
We suggest choosing ad placements with the highest visibility for both desktop and mobile. Setupad solutions also have sticky and anchor ad formats available (for desktop and mobile), which boost your ad revenue even more. You can see all of our ad formats here.

Feel free to contact our team for a free consultation about what ad formats would work best for your website.
We encourage all our clients to install the Setupad Google Chrome extension for easy management of unwanted ads. It will allow you to report and block unwanted ads immediately.
Yes. We've developed a smart ad refresh solution - viewable bid optimization (VBO).
Ad refresh is triggered if:

  • The banner ad has been viewable for 30-40 seconds
  • The next buyer bids more than the average eCPM, avoiding a diminishing average eCPM
Setupad's VBO can increase the total revenue for a particular ad position by 10-20%.
It's also beneficial for advertisers because the refreshed banner's CTR is often higher than the first one. It's a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers.
Yes. We work with a few advertisers, but our demand is mainly from OpenRTB connecting multiple SSP platforms to a header bidding solution. If you're an advertiser, please contact us here.
All of our publishers are obliged to add Setupad's ads.txt to their website. Ads.txt, or so-called Authorized Digital Sellers, is designed to reduce ad fraud types such as domain theft or alleged domain hijacking. Ads.txt increases the transparency of the publisher's ad inventory by knowing where impressions are purchased and resold. Check out our video guide on how to implement ads.txt:
After your website is validated, you'll receive your login details for the Setupad reporting system. Once your test is live, you'll be able to see and track how much ad revenue your site is generating based on ad requests, impressions, average eCPM, fill rates, and real-time statistics for the last 30 minutes.

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