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Monetize your cross-border traffic with Setupad
We provide yield management service and monetize Publishers' cross-border traffic

Various publishers already implement Setupad solutions from all over the world. Our top priority is to monetize cross-border traffic and to help publishers gain incremental revenues ranging from 50% to 70%. Setupad provides yield management service and allows publishers to get back to their true calling - quality content creation.


Header bidding

Browser-based auction that unifies demand from top SSP’s worldwide, including Google. Easy tag based implementation into publisher’s ad server. No scripts are required directly on the page, hence website speed is not affected.

server - side bidding

Server-based auction, that unifies demand from all major DSP’s. More direct connection to the publisher, therefore reduced intermediate commission and significant loading speed advantage. 

Loading speed

Distribution from a global network of servers. Guarantee of 1 second timeout and customisation possibility for an improved user experience. Loading speed, by default, is balanced with greater revenue potential.

Fill rate

Combining all demand sources allows the possibility of 100% fill-rate. Granular reporting of requested and sold impressions justifies the highest possible requestCPM result.

customised optimisation

Optimisation methods applied on each domain and advertising zone, taking into account bid responses from demand partners regarding particular geos, advertisers and users.

ad audit

Monitoring the suitability of displayed ads, removing and blocking any unwanted material on your site. Ad operations team makes sure that creative materials follow each countries’s laws and publisher’s quality guidelines. 

online reporting

Access to yield statistics for easy comparison and monitoring. Provides revenue transparency, 24/7 online data results, relieving publishers of any additional calculations.

TAKE THESE easy steps TO receivE cross-border monetization
TAKE THESE easy steps TO receivE cross-border monetization


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our Clients
liana conley, head of advertising @

Setupad increased our RTB revenues by extra 70% in the first 6 months and I believe they will continue to drive up the optimization. We wouldn’t be able to achieve what Setupad is doing at a fraction of a cost. Setupad handles all our abroad inventory now. Hands down, they provide an excellent customer service.


“Previously, I managed several sell-side platforms myself but waterfall solution wasn’t getting the most out of RTB. Setupad HeaderBidding topped our eCPM benchmarks, so I was happy to use their solution. It saved a lot of my time and generated more revenue for the company."

EGMONtS Grzibovskis, business DEVELOPMENT manager @ tvnet

It’s very important to partner with a company that protects a publisher's business. More than technology, Setupad makes RTB work for us! We have acquired useful experience about programmatic, and it helped us to redesign our website.

Equal trust - excellent results 

We leverage our third-party anti-fraud vendor IAS as well as internal reporting to identify suspicious activity and protect against ad fraud.

The team

Besides crunching numbers, we enjoy talking about the future of online advertising.

toms panders


povilas goberis


dana mezdreija

Marketing Specialist

Dominykas Mikalauskas


anete briede

Campaign manager 

Alvils Karlstrems

Ad Operations Manager

michalas Lapkovskis