Setupad Header Bidding SaaS Solution

Customized prebid.js software that connects with a publisher's existing SSP accounts and is optimized with Google.
Header bidding ilustration

Header Bidding (HB) SaaS is a Direct Prebid.js Monetization Solution

A classic setup where prebid auction controller JS is implemented in the website's header and publishers GAM codes in the body.

This setup allows it to connect all of the publisher's ad space and optimize direct campaigns with programmatic demand partners (Google AdX, SSPs, DSPs, and Deals).

All campaigns and programmatic bids compete in the same header bidding auction, increasing publishers' ad revenue.

It's also a hybrid HB solution because programmatic bids are coming from both - client-side auctions and server-side auctions.


Suggested For Websites With >50M Monthly Visits

Most importantly, this is a software service where Setupad implements a preconfigured prebid.js technology and adapters to connect with existing publisher's SSP accounts.

The ad revenue is directly paid to the publisher, and Setupad earns a fixed tech fee. Publishers can opt-in to use Setupad SSP accounts to extend their current list of demand partners.

  • Direct implementation into the website code that eliminates unnecessary calls to the ad server
  • Full impression-level optimization between programmatic and direct sales
  • Payment model - fixed CPM fee (instead of revenue share)
  • A more complex implementation that requires additional codes on the website and API access to the publisher GAM account
  • Trafficking of your own SSP accounts that require publishers to have their own AdOps

Auction Controller code - lightweight and stored on CDN

Improves the user experience with a faster loading speed of ads by connecting to the closest ad server. Since auctions start taking place faster, it generates more filled ad impressions.

prebid JS auction controller

Prebid.js custom template - efficient management of demand partners (SSPs, DSPs)

Fully compressed and stored on Setupad ad server before being served to users. The template ensures effective targeting of each geolocation, connection type, user, and ad placement. Saving on connection resources with each demand partner.

prebid JS auto template

Setupad ad server - single call, more demand partners, faster bid response

Allows connecting to a limitless number of demand partners with a single server call. These server-to-server (S2S) connections provide a faster bid response and additional demand, generating extra revenue.

Ad server

Hybrid header bidding solution

Most up-to-date and complete stack unifying four main auction technologies– Prebid browser-side, Prebid server-side, Google's Open Bidding (S2S), and Amazon's Transparent Ad Marketplace (S2S).

hyper header bidding

Viewable Bid Optimization

A smart ad refresh algorithm that secures the average eCPM and complies with Google policies. The algorithm takes into account user behavior and only refreshes viewable ads, thus generating extra ad revenue for the publisher.

viewable bid optimization

Premium Ad Quality

Setupad service comes with an extensive blocklist and an additional real-time blocking software package. Setupad avoids malicious ads and ensures premium ad quality for all users.

premium ad quality

Chrome Extension to monitor Setupad ads

Setupad Chrome extension is used to report competitor ads and effectively block them across all demand sources. Additionally, it allows monitoring the auction in real-time, thus providing full transparency of the bidding process.

setupad chrome extension

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