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How Setupad header bidding solution helped to increase WhatFontIs ad revenue by 30%.

About the website is the largest and the best font identifier that helps any designer to identify the fonts they need or like in order to make their clients or family happy by making personalized t-shirt, cups and more.

In 2020 they have indexed 600.000 fonts, maximizing the chances of their users to identify the fonts they need. WhatFontIs is the only tool that has the ability to identify fonts from all foundries, regardless of license (free or commercial), with great accuracy. That was recognized by the design community who voted them as site of the day on ProductHunt.

The Challenge: Greater revenue streams by displaying better quality ads

Alexandru Cuibari, CEO at, turned to Setupad for a solution by providing better quality ads and increasing their revenue streams. The main challenge for them was to keep the perfect balance between making a great product without disturbing their users with low-quality ads.

The Solution: Header Bidding solution to increase ad revenue

Our main goal while working with WhatFontIs was to provide a better solution to increase their ad revenue. Also to serve their user’s relevant ads they actually might be interested in. Previously was monetizing its website with Google Adsense. Since Setupad is working with a header bidding solution, we are able to connect ad inventory with more SSPs, including Google.


“After 2 years of working with Setupad we think we made the right decision. Our bank account thinks the same.” – Alexandru Cuibari, CEO at

The Result: Maximized ad revenue by 30%

Alexandru Cuibari says: “We started to collaborate with Setupad after 10 years+ of working with Google Ads and we saw an increase of 30% in our ad revenue. The integration was pretty smooth and the math was simple: with the same traffic we make more money without crowding the website with more banners.”

Now WhatFontIs can really focus on their true calling– providing even better results, user experience, and being the best font finder available. Setupad, however, promises better and personalized ads for its users and also a significant increase in the company’s ad revenue.

We truly care about each of our publishers. That’s why Setupad does an individual approach for each of our clients to see the maximum results. Sign up!

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