Black Friday and Cyber Monday Publishers Trends Edition 2019


Last year we took a deep dive into our data pool and tried to find how the most significant sales activities of the year influence publishers in the top European countries (based on GDP) compared to the USA.

You can read last year’s article here.

The idea for this year’s article is similar; we want to see how or if the trends of the November sale expands and infiltrates in Europe.

What did we find?

Countrywise, just as last year, we also chose to present the countries with the most significant peaks throughout the whole month.

Last year Black Friday fell on 23rd of November and Cyber Monday on 26th.

Many retailers tend to offer their sales deals earlier in the month to beat their competitors, this, of course, benefits the publishers. Their inventory gets more demand, and the prices increase.

This is why for some countries like Norway, Portugal, and Romania, there are several increases for the average eCPM throughout the whole month. And neither Black Friday or Cyber Monday marks their eCPM peaks.

Besides the sales deals being spread throughout November, we can still see that Germany, the Netherlands, UK, and, of course, USA all have the peak eCPM either on Black Friday or around the same time.

When looking at data from 2017 and comparing it to last year’s, there is one significant aspect that pops out.

Throughout the whole month, Germanys’ eCPMs are higher than those in the UK, which last year was not the case.


Looking at the data we can see that for each country the case is quite different. Black Friday and Cyber Monday still mark the records of ad earnings for some countries. But for others it might be that the sale deals shift toward spreading throughout the whole month instead of just the wildly known two dates.

And if this is the case, it is more good news for the publishers; as the sales activities increase, so does their chances of reaching new ad revenue records.

What to expect this year?

By looking at the average eCPMs over the last years, there are some predictions we have concluded about what publishers can expect this year:

  • Publishers using cross-border monetization will be the biggest winners. Some countries have their specific sales dates or holidays, and if your visitors are among them, there is a higher chance of getting more revenue;
  • As we previously mentioned, it seems like each year, the November deals are reaching consumers earlier than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Based on this, we can assume that this year will be no exception, and publishers have a chance of setting revenue records for multiple days of the month.
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