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4 Key Metrics to Check in Google Analytics

[Guest Post] As a web owner, reporting tools like Google Analytics are valuable for checking your website’s performance and […]

What is Header Bidding? | A Complete Guide for Publishers

Header bidding technology is the gold standard of the programmatic ecosystem. Many publishers seek to leverage header bidding themselves […]

A Bridge to Prebid – Header Bidding in Google Ad Manager (GAM)

Header bidding is a gold standard of programmatic advertising. Publishers seek to maximize the value of this technology by […]

How to Switch From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is hands down, a go-to analytics tool for publishers and website owners. It has been around for […]

Client-side vs Server-side Header Bidding | What’s the Difference?

Almost every monetization company utilizes a client-side header bidding model, but the future of programmatic advertising leans towards another […]

How to Identify and Monetize the Best Sites for Flipping

[ Guest Post ] Flipping isn’t a new concept—but website flipping is certainly on the rise, thanks to the […]

DMEXCO 2022: Highlights from the Largest AdTech Expo 

Last week marked the conclusion of the leading digital advertising industry event, DMEXCO. First time offline after two years […]

How to Drive Traffic With Google Discover: 5 Key Tips

Google Discover, originally named the Google Feed, was rolled out in 2017 and reflected another Google attempt to make […]

The Impact of the War in Ukraine on the Advertising Industry

Previously, we covered how seasonal trends in digital advertising influence publishers’ ad revenue during the year. Traditionally, high-spending seasons […]