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Unlock the full earning potential of your website, no matter the size! Our powerful header bidding solutions offer a range of options to suit any publisher, helping you maximize your revenue with ease.

Setupad Prebid Self-Serve

A self-serve platform that offers implementation, maintenance, and optimization of header bidding technology and doesn't require much involvement of the publishers' IT team.

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Setupad Prebid

Advanced Setupad technology for publishers with direct campaigns ready to manage website monetization inhouse with a powerful hybrid header bidding solution.

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Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper

Full service solution, connects your ad space with top demand partners. Access extra Setupad Prebid demand and optimize your Google earnings.

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Setupad Prebid AdSense

Full service solution. Combine your Google AdSense demand with Setupad's Prebid demand from 30+ premium SSPs to drive up your ad revenue.

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Setupad CMP

Our CMP tool captures users' consent effortlessly by collecting and storing visitors' privacy preferences—simple and transparent user consent collection.

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Setupad WP Ads

The free Setupad Ads plugin provides you with all the necessary tools to manage, place, target, and various kinds of ads on your website.

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Boost your revenue even more with

lazy loading

Lazy loading

The concept of lazy loading is simple–an ad request is triggered right when the user is most likely to see it. Lazy loading for ads improves the website speed, user experience and increases ad viewability.

content recommendations

Content Recommendations

Keep users longer on the website by recommending other content from sponsored posts within the recommendation widget. Increased time spent and pageviews help to generate more ad revenue.

ad block monetization

Adblock Monetization

Additional revenue from users who disable ads but have consented to receive Acceptable Ads standard creatives. Run non-intrusive advertising formats in couple of placements per page and regain 10%-20% of otherwise lost revenue.

Full-Service Monetization Support for Publishers

Dedicated Account Executive

We understand that monetization can be complex and overwhelming, which is why we offer expert support every step of the way. With a dedicated Account Executive, you'll have a reliable go-to contact who will guide you through the onboarding process and ensure that your website or app is optimized for maximum revenue generation. Whether you need assistance with ad placement, troubleshooting, or continuous monetization improvements, our team is always here to help you succeed.

account manager

Certified Ad Operations Support

Our commitment to your success doesn't stop at onboarding. As a valued partner, you'll also receive the support of a Google Certified Ad Operations specialist from our team. They will work closely with your dedicated Account Executive to identify new prospects and exchange effective tactics to continually optimize your ad revenue and ensure long-term success. With our certified ad operations support, you can be confident that you're getting the most out of your monetization strategy.

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IT Support

We know that technical issues can be frustrating and time-consuming, which is why we offer comprehensive IT support to every publisher. Our team will work with you to customize the technical configuration of your website, including conducting thorough audits, providing expert consultations, and offering ongoing technical support to ensure optimal performance and a seamless visitor experience.

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How did Setupad take a holistic approach to increase the client’s eCPM by 390%? About is a […]

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Increased Monthly Ad Revenue

How did Setupad unlock Google AdX demand and grew ad revenue by 192% on the Kyiv Post with a […]

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Increased Monthly Ad Revenue

How did Setupad increase the client’s ad revenue by 309% compared to Google AdSense? About was started […]

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