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Website monetization for digital content creators, bloggers, and publishers. With Setupad header bidding solution and smart optimization tools, like Viewable Bid Optimization, we can drive up your advertising revenue by 300%.
Website monetization for publishers has no doubt many benefits, the biggest of all being time. A monetization partner takes care of selling publishers' ad inventory and aims to reach the website's full revenue potential, allowing publishers to solely focus on excellent content creation.
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”While working with Setupad our results have improved significantly. There has been a 40% increase in ad revenue over Google native ads. I have recommended Setupad to my friends too. Also, the Setupad team responds to my emails fast and informs about the latest updates.”
“My ad revenue increased by almost 200%. I would definitely recommend Setupad for each of those entrepreneurs and independent content creators who want to get the most of their content without compromising current revenue.”
“We started to collaborate with Setupad after 10 years+ of working with Google Ads and we saw an increase of 30% in our ad revenue. The integration was pretty smooth and the math was simple: with the same traffic we make more money without crowding the website with more banners.”