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14.04.2020– Right Ad Placements

How Setupad header bidding technology helped to increase ad revenue and choose the right ad placements. About the […]

08.04.2020– Monetization Case Study

How Setupad header bidding solution helped to increase ComRegras ad revenue by 300%. About the website is an […]

23.03.2020 – Monetization Case Study

About is a website that offers its users access to numerous WordPress themes. Over time they have successfully […]

18.03.2020 – Monetization Case Study

How Setupad header bidding solution helped to increase WhatFontIs ad revenue by 30%. About the website is the […]

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First-Party Data Strategy | The End of Third-Party Cookies

Within two years, Google wants to sustain ad-supported web without third-party cookies. Read on to learn how the elimination […]

Ads.txt: Guide For Publishers

It’s been a while since the IAB Tech Lab introduced ads.txt, which intends to protect advertising inventory and repel […]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Publishers Trends Edition 2019

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Seasonality and Publisher Ad Revenue | The End of Q3

Summer is finally over!! Wait, what? As bad as it might sound in the digital advertising world this is […]