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lexulous.com case study with setupad.com

How Setupad header bidding technology helped to increase Lexulous.com ad revenue and choose the right ad placements.

About the Lexulous.com website

Lexulous.com is an online word game that you can play with friends from all around the world using any device– mobile, tablet, or PC. It can become a part of a player’s lifestyle– providing them fun, education, and connection with family or friends, who might be abroad or just in another room. Moreover, it’s free!

Lexulous.com ensures whenever players visit the webpage, it will become one of the happiest moments in their day.

The Challenge: Monetize website and choose the right ad placements

Since Lexulous.com is an online game, it was essential to monetize the website smartly and keep the balance between ads and the game itself. The main challenge was to suggest the right ad placements so the website’s players won’t get distracted by too many ads and could enjoy the game.

Co-founder of Lexulous, Rajat Agarwalla says: ”We appreciate all communication for our website’s improvements. Integration and ad-placement suggestions were quick and logical.”

The Solution: Header bidding solution to display programmatic ads

With our header bidding solution, we managed to add our publisher’s website to top supply-side platforms in a programmatic way. Programmatic ads are displayed for the right user at the right time. This means that displayed ads are personalized for each user.

”Any issues raised are immediately looked into– the Setupad team maintains regular communication without reminders! This gives us a lot of confidence. Setupad’s team is also proactive in keeping us informed about industry trends.”– said by Rajat Agarwalla

Publisher’s Comment

”We would definitely recommend Setupad! This is an A-team you should have on your side.”– Rajat Agarwalla, Co-founder of Lexulous.com

The Result: Increase in ad revenue and successfully managed ad inventory

”Our ad revenue has definitely increased, and we are happy with how Setupad manages our ad inventory.”– Rajat Agarwalla, Co-Founder of Lexulous.com

Thanks to our expertise in header bidding technology, we have managed to increase Lexulous ad revenue.

Rajat Agarwalla says: ”Setupad team and our excellent account manager Linda, have done a great job in end-to-end management of our desktop/mobile web advertising inventory.”

The approach for each publisher is individual, that’s why Setupad always provides personalized solutions for each client to maximize their ad revenue. We will help you to monetize your website as well–  Sign up!

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