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ssp adapter

Setupad SSP Adapter

Connect with your prebid.js wrapper to increase bid density and revenue.

How does it work?

Setupad's SSP aggregates unique demand that can be directed to the publisher's in-house wrapper solution. Publishers can continue using their existing prebid.js wrapper and simply connect Setupad as one of the SSPs.

The process includes a one-time integration and a small update to your prebid.js so you can start receiving Setupad bids. This doesn't require pasting anything onto the website or ad server, only updating ads.txt with Setupad's IDs.

Setupad's SSP adapter will automatically connect the publisher to more demand partners worldwide, connecting them on a server-to-server level.

Decisions are made entirely on the publisher's side. Setupad can't provide optimization techniques not present in the publishers' wrapper, but we can help upgrade your wrapper with the necessary software to further increase revenues.

  • Lets publishers keep in-house prebid.js wrapper software
  • Provides additional demand from SSPs and DSPs connected on the server-to-server level
  • Increases bid density, resulting in a higher auction end price.
  • Improves fill rate for less valuable inventory
  • Uses Setupad only as a demand source
  • Optimization and other Setupad tools are available only as custom developments

Advanced Formats

Obtain consultation about the best-performing placements and sizes to better utilize the demand from Setupad's SSP. Many publishers have doubled their revenue by improving their formats with Setupad.


Optimization techniques

Update your wrapper with various optimization techniques as custom development. Many publishers have significantly increased average eCPMs with such techniques as viewable bid optimization (VBO), floor pricing algorithms, and granular comparison with Google.


Ad Quality Monitoring

Use an extensive blocklist to avoid unwanted ads. Setupad ads can be monitored and reported using a dedicated plugin. This streamlined process significantly saves time for publishers.



In case additional demand sources are used, revenue payments are processed within 60 days following the end of the calendar months by direct bank transfer or PayPal.