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What are the Differences Between DSPs, SSPs and DMPs?

Demand-side platform (DSP), supply-side platform (SSP), and data management platform (DMP) are the building blocks of advertising technology. All […]

8 Benefits of Website Monetization Platforms

Since creating content consistently is a difficult job in itself, many publishers reach out to website monetization platforms to […]

Google AdSense or Monetization Platforms | How To Choose?

If you’re currently monetizing your website with Google AdSense, you’re in the right place.  Why? Because you might be […]

Ads.txt Guide | What is It and How to Implement It?

Ads.txt file has been introduced by the IAB Tech Lab in 2017. It intends to protect ad inventory and […]

Google AdX vs Google AdSense | Differences Explained

Google AdSense and Google Ad Exchange (AdX) are advertising platforms, both run by Google. They allow publishers to gain […]

Internal Links vs External Links | Differences Explained

Utilizing internal and external links are both great SEO tips to supplement your overall SEO strategy in 2022. In […]

10 Tips on How to Increase Website Loading Speed in 2022

Search engines like Google prioritize pages that load fast. Therefore, the position of a webpage’s ranking in search results […]

How to Make Money with Google AdSense?

You are probably familiar with Google AdSense. It’s one of the most popular advertising platforms that allows publishers to […]

What is Ad Refresh and Is It Necessary for Your Website?

Ad refresh is one of the techniques that allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue. However, it’s important to […]

Google AdSense Bid Types and Tips | Explained

Google AdSense has different bid types, which impact how publishers are earning their ad revenue. It’s important to understand […]

What is an Ad Server? | A Complete Guide for Publishers

The advertising ecosystem is complex and includes many parties, but an ad server is one of the most important.  […]

How Will Automation Impact Digital Advertising?

[ Guest Post ] Automation has a huge potential for the digital marketing and advertising sector. Digital ads have […]

Setupad Clients Don’t Worry About MCM Update, Do You?

You might have heard about Google Ad Exchange (AdX), and for you to keep using it, you’ll need to […]

Double Your Ad Revenue with Setupad | Website Yield Formula

Recently Setupad added a new additional section in the Client UI-Yield Formula. We are proud to present our long-term […]

Better Ads Standards: What Publishers Need to Know

For years the advertising industry needed a solution that would conceptualize acceptable ad formats. And we finally saw it […]

SSP vs Monetization Platform | Difference Explained

For many online publishers, programmatic advertising is an important source of revenue.  As you may already know, there are […]

Header Bidding vs Waterfall | Differences Explained

Header bidding vs waterfall is one of the most searched terms in adtech. The waterfall was an industry standard […]

Ad Viewability | What is It and How to Improve It?

Last year in the US, ad viewability levels increased across all formats to almost 70%. Both publishers and advertisers […]

What is Ad Discrepancy and How to Reduce It

You’ve probably heard about ad discrepancy or ad impression discrepancy before. If you ever look at your ad server […]

3 Tips for Price Floor Optimization in Programmatic

In our previous article, we explained the difference between first-price and second-price auction. Since Google Ad Manager has completely […]

Insertion Order (IO): Everything Publishers Should Know

If you, as a publisher, had previously closed or currently have direct deals with advertisers, you might have heard […]

How Many Ads Should I Put on My Website?

There is a common misconception among publishers surrounding ad placement count on a website. Many believe that more ad […]

What is Bot Traffic? | How to Detect Bot Traffic?

The latest statistics show that in 2019, overall bot traffic grew by 24% compared to 2018. This article will […]

What is SaaS? | Software as a Service Explained

In this article, we will explain to you how the SaaS business model works and what it is. After […]

What Publishers Need To Know About eCPM Drop Each January?

After the most successful season for publishers has ended, there comes the Q1 of 2021.  We greet this quarter […]

17.12.2020–Placing Sticky Sidebar Ads Increased Ad Revenue

How Setupad gained the client’s trust and managed to increase ad revenue by 20% About is one […]

What is Google AMP? | Everything Publishers Should Know

According to Google, 50% of the whole web traffic comes from mobile, and page speed is a critical factor […]

15.10.2020 – Sticky Ad on Custom Built Website | Case Study

How Setupad customized an ad unit for the custom built website. About  TemplateMo is a website that provides […]

How to Increase Ad Revenue | Success Formula and Proven Solutions

Have you ever thought about how to calculate your ad revenue? There is a “publishers’ success formula” (as we […]

Native Ads vs Display Ads | Everything You Should Know

The very first display or so-called banner ad was published in 1994. This ad was bought by the telecommunication […]

15.07.2020 – 40% Ad Revenue Uplift | Case Study

Setupad helped to implement banner ads on a custom made website and generated a 40% ad revenue uplift. About […]

14.04.2020– Right Ad Placements

How Setupad header bidding technology helped to increase ad revenue and choose the right ad placements. About the […]

08.04.2020– Monetization Case Study

A Setupad header bidding megoldása 300%-os bevételnövekedést eredményezett a ComRegras oldalán...

18.03.2020 – Monetization Case Study

A Setupad megoldása 30%-os hirdetési bevételnövekedéshez segítette a oldalát. (...)

Monetize Your Website and Boost Revenues | The A to Z Guide

Running out of ideas on ways how to monetize a website? This article includes different strategies and tips to […]

Sellers.json vs Ads.txt | Everything Publishers Should Know

IAB Tech Lab has already introduced ads.txt, sellers.json files, and the OpenRTB SupplyChain Object to prevent ad fraud. Statista predicts […]