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Web Interstitial Increased Ad Revenue by 42% | Case Study

Most likely, you have already heard about the benefits regarding interstitial ads, like higher CPM prices than standard ad […]

17.12.2020–Placing Sticky Sidebar Ads Increased Ad Revenue

How Setupad gained the client’s trust and managed to increase ad revenue by 20% About is one […]

15.10.2020 – Sticky Ad on Custom Built Website | Case Study

How Setupad customized an ad unit for the custom built website. About  TemplateMo is a website that provides […]

08.09.2020– Website Monetization | Case Study

How Setupad gained the client’s trust and managed to increase ad revenue by almost 200%? About  Our Code […]

15.07.2020 – 40% Ad Revenue Uplift | Case Study

Setupad helped to implement banner ads on a custom made website and generated a 40% ad revenue uplift. About […]

14.04.2020– Right Ad Placements

How Setupad header bidding technology helped to increase ad revenue and choose the right ad placements. About the […]

08.04.2020– Monetization Case Study

A Setupad header bidding megoldása 300%-os bevételnövekedést eredményezett a ComRegras oldalán...

23.03.2020 – Monetization Case Study

A számos WordPress témát kínál felhasználóinak. Sikeresen (...)

18.03.2020 – Monetization Case Study

A Setupad megoldása 30%-os hirdetési bevételnövekedéshez segítette a oldalát. (...)

30.10.2019– Ad Revenue Increase 300% | Case Study

About, founded in 2002. The website is the number one source of online sports news in Latvia, […]

23.10.2019– Why Monetization Matters | Case Study

About the website is a free, simple to use toolset designed primarily for creating and editing animated […]