About us

“Our aim is to take care of website monetization so our clients can get back to their true calling - quality content creation.”
Our Story
Setupad was established in 2015. The idea was quite simple - help publishers earn more from advertising by improving programmatic solutions. Our two founders, with more than 15 years of combined experience in the advertising industry, put their heads together and developed the first solution that was able to show incremental revenues. And so Setupad was established!
“By being in the media and advertising industry for more than 10 years, I saw a great possibility to help publishers that don't have extensive IT or AdOps teams. The main goal has always been to support access to quality content, so we created a solution to do exactly that.“ Toms Panders, CEO
Today, we have greatly expanded our offering in monetization and optimization tools for publishers. We monetize and have a direct relationship with over 500 international websites and are one of the leading startups in Baltics.
Meet our Team
Toms Panders
Povilas Goberis
Alvils Karlstrems
Technical Sales Manager
Linda Kolontaja
Business Development Leader
Mareks Flugrats
Customer Success Manager
Dana Mezdreija
Marketing Manager
Agnese Repule
Content Marketing Specialist
Mingaile Lengvinaite
Account Manager
Rokas Kaupelis
Campaign Manager