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How Setupad gained the client’s trust and managed to increase ad revenue by 20%

About is one of the first websites for amateur and professional music producers to produce their music and remixes. This website works as a helpful tool for the music community. Currently, there are more than 100,000 registered members.

They offer a large collection of acapellas and remix stems, which are available either from the network or provided by their users. 

The idea behind is quite simple–share and sort acapellas and remix stems with and from their users.

The Challenge: Find the right ad formats and gain the client’s trust by filling out empty spaces with ads on the website

Since the client’s website is custom-built, it was quite challenging to decide which ad formats would bring the most revenue.

Our client previously was using Google AdSense. So, at first, it was important to gain trust and prove that if he fills out empty ad placements and uses Setupad header bidding technology, his ad revenue will increase.

Thanks to Setupad’s Chrome extension, I can simply follow up and understand which ad placements work better for my site and which are the ones that bring me the most money in real-time.“– Marcin, Founder of

The Solution: Placing sticky sidebar ads and a desktop billboard ad on the top

The client’s account manager saw an amazing opportunity to increase ad revenue by placing sticky sidebar ads or so-called anchor ads on both of the website’s sides. Since previously, these ad placements were empty, and the client was doubtful, we started testing one sticky ad on one side. 

Since sticky sidebar ads work hand in hand with Setupad’s viewable bid optimization solution it was possible to achieve higher CPM prices.

Learn how Setupad sticky ads work here.

Founder of says: “My Setupad manager recommended placing a desktop billboard ad on top of the page and sticky sidebar ads on the sides since previously these ad placements were unfilled. After the test period, I saw that Setupad shows greater results compared to AdSense, and currently, my earnings are higher than before.

The Result: Increased ad revenue by more than 20%

I’ve been working with Setupad for over a year now. My earnings have increased by 20%, and maybe a little more. Also, Setupad has the best support, and I definitely recommend working with them.“– Marcin, Founder of

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