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Setupad helped to implement banner ads on a custom made website and generated a 40% ad revenue uplift.

About the website (now, founded in 2012, offers free downloads of video overlays, visual effects (VFX), light leaks, backgrounds, green screen footage, stock video footage, and even free sound effects (FX). 

All these resources are very helpful for video makers. Users are allowed to use video clips in commercial and non-commercial projects as long as they give credit to All videos have a 1080p or 4K resolution.

It’s worth mentioning that also has a Youtube channel widely used by YouTubers and game developers, and it has almost 50K subscribers.

The Challenge: Banner ad implementation on a custom made website

Michal, the founder of, says: ”After two years of successful collaboration with Setupad, they have shown excellent consultancy guidance. Their developers have directly helped me with banner implementation on my custom made website. As well as they have helped me to fix some not tech-related problems of GUI*.”

*GUI– graphical user interface

The Solution: Fast and informative support and premium quality banner implementation

Setupad’s main goal for was to provide a personalized monetization solution fast. Thanks to our experts, we managed to implement banners quickly. Another goal was to keep the website as clean as possible so users don’t feel distracted by ads and can enjoy the site’s provided features.

Founder of says: ”If I had any technical problems with banners, Setupad team helped me with quick and informative responses. Also, it was important for me to have ads without pop-up function and protection from malvertising attacks. Definitely, recommend them!”

The Result: 40% Ad Revenue Uplift, and support of experienced experts

”Before joining Setupad, I used another monetization platform and Google Adsense. With Setupad solution, my ad revenue has increased by approximately 35-40%.  Setupad connected my ad inventory with more SSPs so I saw higher CPMs than before. So I couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Founder of

By monetizing the website’s ad inventory, we have continuously increased the client’s ad revenue and, most importantly, built trustful and successful cooperation. 

Currently, our client can focus on improving his website with new video content while Setupad is taking care of yield optimization.

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