Discover the latest insights and strategies for header bidding in programmatic advertising. Stay ahead of the competition with our expert tips and best practices.
28 minute read
How to Set Up Prebid in Google Ad Manager?

Harness the power of Prebid in GAM: a step-by-step guide to maximizing ad performance and enhancing user satisfaction.

15 minute read
In-App Header Bidding Guide for Publishers

For more info, check out our comprehensive downloadable guide on in-app advertising here! We’ve already covered in-app advertising and […]

13 minute read
Header Bidding on AMP – A Guide for Publishers

Here's a guide on implementing header bidding on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Learn about the process, limitations, and benefits of AMP header bidding!

14 minute read
A Guide to Amazon Publisher Services: UAM and TAM

Amazon Publisher Services (APS) is a platform for publishers to grow and monetize their content. Explore the features and benefits of APS.

11 minute read
How to Integrate Amazon’s Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM) with Header Bidding

Learn how to maximize your ad revenue by integrating Amazon's Unified ad marketplace (UAM) with header bidding.

15 minute read
What is Video Header Bidding? | A Full Guide for Publishers

Video header bidding enables publishers to offer their video inventory to multiple demand sources for higher ad revenue. Learn how it works!

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