Backend Engineer


– Manage Setupad’s cloud-based infrastructure;
– Educate and work with developers to prepare and deploy applications to cloud;
– Build enterprise-grade backend ad serving platforms, reaching millions of users worldwide;
– Develop tools and solutions to make life easier for thousands of online publishers;
– Master and control non-stop online traffic of billions of requests per month;
– Implement backend’s security and scalability employing the best industry standards and practices.


We would highly value your candidacy if you possess some or all of the following skills and knowledge:

– Good LAMP stack knowledge;
– Experience in testing, releasing, maintaining web-based solutions on Linux/Unix technology stacks;
– Experience with Linux/Unix Server OS, SQL;
– Experience with Mysql, MariaDB, or MongoDB
– Good analytical and problem-solving skills;
– Ability to prioritize and gauge tests for maximum safety and improvement gains;
– High level of responsibility towards the customer;
– Excellent time management and planning.

Any of the following would be considered as an advantage:

– Working experience with cloud-based infrastructure (GCP, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean,etc.);
– Linux system administration;
– Knowledge in Automation tools: Terraform, Ansible, CI/CD, Docker;
– Knowledge in Orchestration tools: Kubernetes, Helm charts
– Knowledge in DBs management: SQL, Elastic Search, Aerospike;
– Knowledge in Queuing management: Redis, RabbitMq;
– Knowledge of such tools as: ELK, Prometheus, Linkerd, ISTIO;
– Familiar with programming languages like: Node.js, PHP, Golang, Python.


– Join a team of experts in online media and advertising, and become a part of a rapidly growing ad tech business. Currently, we are developing proprietary top-notch technologies to help other online businesses flourish;
– Office in Vilnius Tech Park with a start-up friendly environment and flexible working hours;  
– Full ownership and decision making freedom in your field of expertise;
– Regular meet-ups with colleagues from Riga and Madrid; 
– Participation in ad-tech conferences, self-education possibilities, courses, and more;
– 1500-2500 EUR/NET salary depending on experience.

If you are interested, please send your CV or LinkedIn profile to [email protected] till the 30th of September.