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How Setupad customized an ad unit for the custom built website.


TemplateMo is a website that provides free CSS website templates and responsive mobile-friendly layouts. All of their templates can be used for both–commercials or non-commercial projects.

TemplateMo’s key to success is to regularly provide new, unique, and modern templates and focus on quality rather than quantity.

The Challenge: Customize ad unit to display sticky ad on the custom built website

Our client’s website is custom built, it’s completely unique, and it wasn’t possible to display standard sticky or so-called anchor ad as usual. Since sticky ads mostly have higher CPMs than billboard ads, it was crucial to fix the ad unit for sticky so the publisher would gain maximum ad revenue.

Founder of TemplateMo, Min Thu says:Setupad team of professionals has been very helpful by dealing with technical issues, such as making anchor ad responsive and fitting it on our website. Setupad also provides suggestions for new ad placements and helps us to improve our ad revenues.

The Solution: Changed part of the ad unit’s code 

When a standard sticky ad code was added, it broke the publisher’s site, and content was scrollable not only vertically but also horizontally, which was unnecessary. From the users’ perspective, this made the publisher’s website unuseful.

Fortunately, the publisher’s account manager found a solution to solve this issue by changing the specific part of the ad unit’s code so, the sticky ad could work correctly for TemplateMo. Setupad fixed the scroll back to vertical and displayed a sticky ad in the right size.

How do Setupad sticky ads work?

They work in compliance with Google policies. When a user scrolls, a sticky ad is automatically hidden if there is a banner beneath. This means that there are no ads on top of each other on desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, users can easily hide the banner if they want with a close button.

Setupad sticky ads work hand in hand with their viewable bid optimization solution, which helps to achieve higher CPM prices. 

To check sticky ad’s performance on the publisher’s site, Setupad offered a Google Chrome Extension, which shows real-time data about SSPs and the CPM price. 

It’s very easy to implement Setupad extension because it can be downloaded like any other Google Chrome’s extension. I’ve found it helpful to check the performance of the Setupad ads in real-time.” – Founder of TemplateMo

The Result: Responsive sticky ad and 40% ad revenue increase

By customizing the responsive anchor ad for TemplateMo’s website, Setupad has increased the client’s ad revenue by over 40% compared to the previous monetization platform. Moreover, with Setupad extension, the publisher can check ad performance in real-time.

While working with Setupad our results have improved significantly. There has been a 40% increase in ad revenue over Google native ads. I have recommended Setupad to my friends too. Also, the Setupad team responds to my emails fast and informs about the latest updates.” – Min Thu, Founder of TemplateMo

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