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How Setupad gained the client’s trust and managed to increase ad revenue by almost 200%?


Our Code World is a blog for programmers founded in 2015. It works as a personal database of sharing programming knowledge.

This blog is a collection of how-to articles to solve any difficulties regarding software programs– starting from changing the text of a DOM element with JavaScript to implementing your WebRTC Server using libraries. 

The company’s key to success is simplicity. The blog’s content is very understandable. The articles rarely exceed 1000 words unless it is strictly necessary to understand the whole theme.

Our Code World genuinely cares about its readers and the content they create. That has shaped them into who they are today– a point of reference for blogs that contains content you could use as a programmer.

The Challenge: Eliminate client doubts regarding monetization and provide the right ad units

Founder of Our Code World, Carlos Delgado says: “I’m satisfied with Setupad header bidding solution, although was doubtful at first, I ended up impressed with the result.”

For Setupad it is vital to educate potential and current clients about monetization benefits. Website monetization isn’t only about optimizing publishers’ ad revenue, but also technical expertise in the field, right ad placements, clients’ trust, time, and cost-efficiency. 

The Solution: Individual account manager and easy implementation process

Setupad’s main goal for was to provide excellent support and personalized monetization solution. Thanks to our team of professionals, we managed to make the implementation process as simple as possible, so the publisher’s ad revenue could start to increase rapidly.

“The communication with the account manager was really good and responsive. Setupad helped me decide which ad units would work best for my site and provided a wide range of possible ads that I was able to implement on my blog.”- C.Delgado, Founder of Our Code World.

The Result: Almost 200% ad revenue uplift and premium quality ads

Founder of Our Code World: “My ad revenue increased by almost 200%. I would definitely recommend Setupad for each of those entrepreneurs and independent content creators who want to get the most of their content without compromising current revenue.” 

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