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Our previous article covered all the basics regarding the SaaS business model and how it works in programmatic. Now, we will focus on the differences between 2 Setupad products–header bidding wrapper and header bidding SaaS solution. 

It’s worth mentioning that other tech vendors offer similar products, and this article will help publishers to make the right choice and understand the differences.

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What is header bidding wrapper?

Header bidding (HB) wrapper is a Javascript tag-based prebid.js monetization solution. It’s a code template that is used to connect publishers’ ad space with demand partners (SSPs and ad exchanges). All demand partners can bid and compete in the same header bidding auction simultaneously and increase publishers’ ad revenue.

Setupad’s HB wrapper can easily be implemented through the publisher’s ad server or directly into a website’s source code. This tag-based solution runs a prebid.js based auction that collects bids from both the client and server-side connections to display the winner’s programmatic ads. 

If the publisher chooses HB wrapper solution, Setupad provides fully managed service and support–starting from ad tag creation and implementation to predefined blocklists to avoid unwanted and low-quality ads.

After the tag is launched on the publisher’s website, the connected demand partners will start to bid and compete on every ad impression while increasing the publisher’s yield and total ad revenue.

What is header bidding SaaS?

Header bidding SaaS is a software that is a customized and original prebid.js based header bidding solution for publishers. So, instead of developing and maintaining your own prebid.js wrappers, you may rent a fully developed and optimized solution – HB SaaS.

Setupad HB SaaS is usually integrated using the publisher’s GAM account and directly implemented into the publisher’s website source code. In short, Setupad provides full implementation services of header bidding solution into the publisher’s website that later on can be managed by the AdOps team on the publisher side or Setupad team.

What is common between HB SaaS and HB wrapper?

  • S2S connections:

The server-side directly connects publishers’ ad space to the SSPs and DSPs while not compromising websites’ loading speed. 

  • Static files are served using CDN (Content Delivery Network) and cloud-based infrastructure:

Both of the products are optimized to the fullest using CDN and cloud-based hosting solutions that improve the ad load speed from any geolocation. This allows publishers to deliver ads much faster, improve the fill rate and generate more ad revenue.

  • Prebid.js:

Both solutions execute ads asynchronously; therefore, the page load has no or minimal negative impact, which is very important to keep up with good Core Web Vitals scores and overall user experience. The tag-based solution (HB wrapper) is a bit more impactful on page load than SaaS.

  • Viewable bid optimization solution and bid caching (reduce page latency, and therefore ads can be served faster).
  • Both implementations support a dynamic load of ad units, lazy-load, load on demand, and infinite scroll options for websites.

Main differences between HB wrapper and SaaS cooperation models

HB WrapperHB SaaS
Implemented very easily via publishers ad server or directly into the website’s source code.
GAM ad server is a must for HB SaaS setup, and header bidding solution must be directly implemented into the website’s source code.
Sales ManagementSetupad is fully managing programmatic sales and all the demand platforms (SSPs) connected to the wrapper.Publisher manages programmatic sales alone or together with Setupad. Publisher is fully managing its direct sales campaigns in GAM or another ad server.
Ad QualityAnti malvertising software is included in the price as well as management of blocklists within all demand platforms.Publisher is in charge of updating blocklists within its demand platforms. A default blocklist from Setupad is provided, and a discounted offer of an anti malvertising software deal.
Loading SpeedImpact on website loading speed is minimal. However, every ad placement is making a separate ad request. In case of many ad requests on the same page, loading speed can be improved by dynamic and lazy-loading techniques.No significant impact on website loading speed since ad requests for each ad placement are packed into a single ad request.
Optimization Between
Programmatic and Direct Campaigns
Publisher’s direct campaigns have limited possibility to compete in header bidding auction with programmatic ads. Using floor prices and setting priorities doesn’t optimize on the ad request level.Publisher’s direct campaigns and programmatic demand, including Google, can compete in one unified header bidding auction.
ReportingSetupad provides reporting that gives a complete overview across all demand channels in net prices.Publisher’s GAM reporting provides a complete overview across all demand channels in gross prices.
Setupad reporting provides additional useful insights.
ControlPublishers are relieved from all trafficking tasks on multiple platforms and have easy access to performance analysis.Publishers have full control over ad management. They are obliged to do trafficking and adblock management themselves.
SupportSetupad provides fully managed service and support for any publisher inquiry.Setupad handles the onboarding part and later gives all controls over to the publisher. At first, publishers receive training, and then Setupad provides support only regarding its demand and software.
Payment ModelSetupad deducts revenue share (%) before making the payment to publishers.Publisher pays Setupad a fixed CPM fee based on the number of website calls to the ad server and revenue share (%) from Setupad’s demand.
*Users are allowed to use the table as long as they give credit to setupad.com

How do you think which product is more suitable for your website? Get ready to increase your ad revenue and join Setupad!

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