Black Friday and Cyber Monday Publisher Trends Edition 2017

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Are you as busy as we are this November? If you are a publisher, you most definitely should be. As the biggest sale activities approach we decided to look at Top 20 EU countries (based on GDP data) and analyse whether or not Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales activities are influencing revenue flows in Europe as much as they do in USA.

And this is what we found out.

From the 20 EU countries, these are the only ones with the most significant eCPM peaks in November and consequently, this increase should positively impact the revenue flows for publishers as well.

Only for the listed six EU countries the peak dates are also around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In majority of the countries, such as the Netherlands, there are no eCPM peaks in November.

However, we can see that for some countries the peak eCPM’s are in different times of the month, as countries might have specifically adjusted sales activities. For example, based on the data, France has significant eCPM increase in the middle of November, despite Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales activities happening at the end of the month.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday do influence some of European countries, however just not in the same scale as in USA. Even so, there are different sales dates for each country and if you are monetizing your cross-border traffic your revenues will definitely increase.

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